French & History

I’m gobsmacked… these papers were simply wonderful, almost… enjoyable (not in real life). The French paper this morning had comprehensible comprehensions, although the questions were sometimes challenging. The “production ecrite” used straight forward language, I can’t imagine it being too troublesome for many. I was happy enough, my vocab and grammar was only satisfactory, not …

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The Art of Craft

Art. 4 days to my leaving-certificate art exam. Today I took the day off school for a little preparation. I am here googling images for the theme of the poster, I like what I see and fear getting caught for plagiarism completely by accident. Anything that may compromise my exam scares the life out of …

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Upcoming Submission and Practical Dates 2008

As we all should know the deadlines for course work and upcoming practicals are approaching. 22rd April – Finishing date for LCVP link modules portfolio 25th April – Finishing Date for Textile Studies Elective Coursework in Home Economics Scientific and Social. • Finishing Date for Leaving Certificate Religious Education Practical Coursework Journal. • Finishing Date …

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