An Méid Obair!

Midway through November now, I think we’re all still alive, but I must say the amount of work we get is incredible, For once I’d like to come home and not have to think about what I have to get done for the next morning! For instance right now I’m thinking of doing the work …

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Cian is ainm dom

First off, I’ll Introduce myself. My name is Cian and I’m sitting the leaving cert this year. I have no idea yet what I want to do in 3rd level and have no end of year goals as such yet. That, I’ll have to figure out as the year progresses. I look forward to blogging …

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Just a few days..!

Just a few days till mid-term! Three to be exact. I would say that everyone needs a break after our first few weeks back. The thought of midterm is the only thing that keeps me going right now. Every day I come home after study at 6pm, I finish off my homework and go straight …

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