*tap tap* is this thing on?

As some of you already know, leaving-cert.net is now under new ownership. Colin & Kevin set this place up a few years ago and it’s gone from strength to strength since. We believe we can carry that batton forward. So who are ‘we’? Allow us to introduce ourselves…


I sat my leaving cert in 2006, so i’m 4 years out of date, but i’m still in college so i know a thing or two about exams and studying and what not. I set up my first ever website (theleavingcert.com) in july 2006 and am now going in to my final year in DKIT studying IT Management having just picked up an ordinary degree in Computer Applications. I live and breathe this computer stuff 🙂


I sat my leaving cert in 1996 (yeah that long ago). I am currently training to be a Secondary Teacher of ICT in Liverpool, UK (although like yourselves I’m a student at heart!). I have an honours degree in Electronics & Computing and like Sean have a love for technology. I love being involved with the theleavingcert.com (and now leaving-cert.net!) as it keeps me in touch with Ireland, Education & Technology. I am really thankful to everyone that contributes to both sites and I look forward to growing the sites over the next year and beyond. Although Sean and I own the sites it is my opinion that you, the visitors, are the real owners!

So we both own and run theleavingcert.com and that means we know exactly what’s involved in keeping a site like this ticking over. leaving-cert.net is in safe hands. We have huge plans for both leaving-cert.net and theleavingcert.com and this summer you’ll start to see those plans come to life.

So it’s the end of an era for leaving-cert.net with it’s founding members moving on, but it’s also the start of a new, exciting era for us and you guys 🙂 We finally want to take this opportunity to thank the bloggers & commenters (past and present) who make this place what it is. Don’t think we don’t appreciate you silent readers either – we know there are many 😉

If you have any questions or queries about us, our sites or our motives, drop us a comment below or contact us directly!

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