The Final Stretch

Hours, only hours left to go! When I started this blog I never saw it coming but here I am, sitting outside in the merciless sun practising paper 1 for maths. Finding myself to be still struggling on questions I am getting anxious, I try and remain positive. The pressure begins on Wednesday. I have a few hours to regain my confidence.

The English papers being spread across two days has taken away a lot of pressure, I am still scared, worried about what I will do for my composition, wondering if I’m leaving my study for paper 2 much too late. I break down in utter fear and anxiety at the prospect of poor results, internal failure. I’m sure 8 hours of study for a full paper will get me a promising result, I’m sure… I hope! I pray!

Looking back I really never saw this day coming, thinking about it I was so sure that I would be doing so much more work, but it’s not easy, is it? I must head back to my studies…


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