The Irishman Within

Just moments ago I stepped foot into the warm sun of a Tuesday afternoon a very pleased student.

The higher level Irish exam paper offered a range of questions on well learned prose, again in the drama section we were set the challenge to describe two main characters in detail for 20 marks each. No surprises here. Moving forward I was pleasantly amazed to be questioned on such easy poems like the childish ‘Gealt’ or the straight forward poem for love of nature “Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa”. The final stretch proved a little more challenging with the C section of Cesit 3, but how can we not except a challenge after such a wonderful paper! Every one’s worst nightmare Stair Na Gaeilge followed… An Rúraíocht! Again a banker of a question. However, choosing another question in this section was a little more demanding!

I did find myself falling asleep during the exam this morning, it appears sleep deprivation has indeed caught up with me! Currently I am preparing for the Business Exam, More happy surprises I hope!


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6 thoughts on “The Irishman Within”

  1. Rulers of the System

    Dear Colin,

    We have to ask, where DO you find the time to write all these?? We always presumed there were other leaving cert students, like ourselves who cram a two year course into the lunch break but you, YOU are a true inspiration!

    Kind regards,
    Mary Hannifin and Mary Harney.

  2. Oh, god well that shows you my knowledge of Irish! good thing I didn’t put that down then 😛

    Kieron, I completely recommend Business if you have excellent logic (to think of businessy things 😉 ) and can study a lot of literature… the book is massive. I decided to go with logic and to be honest I think I only passed. The paper was a real nice paper for anyone that is willing to simply read!

    Rulers of the system, what can I say? I should be studying but I’m not. I choose to cram at 5am in the morning! I just hope I will reach my aim and get my course! 😀

  3. take my other comment down please. i didnt know that other people wud be able to see it. please please take it down. thanks

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