English Paper 2: The Morning After The Night Before

How’s everyone feeling following yesterday’s confusion? Personally, I find the break in momentum to be the biggest problem. I’m one of those people who likes to have everything planned out in their head, at least when it comes to state exams anyway, and this deferral pretty much messed that up completely.

I think it’s safe to say that deception is off the cards for Macbeth. Kingship, supernatural and ambition (nice one Aoife) are likely to feature. Again I don’t want to induce panic, but it would be wise to learn something of Adrienne Rich. If the one female poet per paper rule holds true, and the contingency and original papers are indeed different…well, it’s only logical to prepare both.

The State Examinations Commission are set to release a statement sometime today with study guidelines to ‘help students who find themselves under extra pressure’ due to the mix up, so ‘stay tuned’ for wind of that (thanks to Ailbhe). The information note the SEC released yesterday can be read here, and again the number for their information line is 1800 713 913

Through all of this drama the engineering paper seems to have been forgotten. How did it go? I’m trying to decide whether I should be concentrating on Maths 1, English 2 or Irish 1 at this stage. AGH. Refer to Marie’s spinning plates metaphor and Elizabeth’s balancing act post for more on this. Over My Head by The Fray comes to mind. Perhaps it’s wise to stick with maths for the moment, I’ll be off then to rediscover complex numbers.


P.S: This site is getting quite a bit of media coverage, we were featured in The Irish Times twice over the last few days (I didn’t mean to sound quite so bombastic) and a few of us will be on RTE Radio 1 this afternoon, thought I’d let all you closet Drivetime fans know.

Update: Did anyone see RTE’s Six One news? It was pretty hilarious. They spoke to loads of leaving cert students and the general consensus was “Facebook went CRAZY!” Then they continued with other news articles of lesser importance. Politics, religious conflict and such.

UPDATE: Students who have something absolutely unavoidable to attend on Saturday morning are being facilitated. For example, two Orthodox Jews who will be unable to sit English 2 on Saturday due to it being the Sabbath will be quarantined, yes QUARANTINED at their Rabbi’s house overnight, then they will sit the paper on Sunday morning. Interesting, eh?

63 thoughts on “English Paper 2: The Morning After The Night Before”

  1. I’m just home from engineering now, wasn’t a bad paper! I think the only people glad of the whole postponed english thing is anyone who did engineering. It would have went much worse without the extra study this morning!

  2. bless her, she likes my waffling!!
    (your the only one btw)
    well this whole crap about the L.C is doing my head in, i was perfectly glad to sit it today and get over failing it but know i have to wait till saturday!! which is my birthday ill have you know!!!
    i sat my J.C on my b-day and now this!! cant a girl get a break already!!
    O.K …. … B.R.E.A.T.H !.!.!.!

  3. I _think_ so S, let’s hope πŸ˜€

    Yeah I like your waffling! And you won’t fail, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸ˜€

  4. I wish I’d exams on my birthday! Yeah now everyone had the whole day for maths study and I was stuck with engineering.. Better get to it!

  5. why the hell would you want exams on your b-day????

    b-days are for stuffing your face with cake guilt free,
    not sitting in school!!!
    the leaving cert has permenantly damaged your brain …..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    only kidding!!

  6. Haha well when anyone in my class had a birthday in school our religion teacher brought in chocolate and stuff.. Suppose I’d still rather my summer birthday!

  7. the added bonus of a whole day to lay siege on maths paper 1 revision was fun.

    wish people would quit the panic, its over, done, decision made, dont like it………fail you leaving cert see if i care πŸ™‚

    nice blog btw

  8. Yeah Meriem I’m not wearing my uniform! On a Saturday? That’s taking the biscuit altogether πŸ˜€

    Eoin I wish I went to your school

    THANKS Franky! Yeah I agree…panic over…but apparently now there’s problems with having the exam on Saturday -sigh-

  9. We even got bouncing castles and stuff to school for graduation πŸ™‚ I heard all you bloggers on the radio there!

  10. and what might these problems be?? i heard something about the jewish people doing it…….sabbath and all that jazz

  11. aside from the english for a sec….how screwed is everyone gonna be for higher irish now that saturday is practically wasted

  12. i find reading peoples hate comments on the internet against that poor man in louth far my amusing then maths study

  13. OMG, just heard you guys on the radio, ye made it sound bad, the word β€œpanic” was used about 10 times, now their going to mark paper 2 really easy. Make sure to say the exam was very hard even if it was piss easy, if your asked to comment on it after the exam

  14. Yeah Facebook has a hilarious group…

    LOL PJ that’s not a bad idea…how did you know it was us?

  15. Yeah Grace np. Kinda did it more for traffic reasons and getting people in from google than sensey reasons. πŸ˜‰
    Sounding real good on the radio guys.
    Best of luck tomorrow.

  16. They didnt even say which one of you were speaking, they just randomly threw out quotes from your interviews, it had a great dramatic effect. ” were doomed, panic,panic,panic, dont know whats coming up now, couldnt sleep, texting friends all day, ruined my study”. Thats all i pretty muched gathered from it. Well done!

  17. Love it. Thanks!

    I’m guessing the radio people loved the drama of it all too. They’re having a field day…as are we tbh

  18. you cant predict maths, you already know whats coming up so just keep doing past exam papers and youll be ok

  19. It did Elizabeth…as did I. Status updates every 4 minutes, each crazier than the last xD


    I’m doing ordinary πŸ˜€

  20. Yeah it’s called Louth something or other…pretty funny. Want the link?

    Those notes really rock if you’re doing ordinary maths ^

  21. I am so proud of you Grace πŸ˜€
    this is really great. i was also thinking kingship might come up or Imagery on Darkness!
    you gonna do an amazing job doing journalism (: x

  22. Thanks! Ha it’s pretty funny..

    “Forget You Louth! This is NOT the first time louths pulled shit like this. 1: Louth always breaks red lights, ALWAYS. 2:Every christmass louth always opens its presents early, ruining the christmass spirit. 3:Louth never gets invited to surprise partys cuz it cant keep its fucking mouth shut. 4:Louth is diaqualified from the special olympics after running WAY too early, trying to give itself a head start. It does this every year.”

  23. Thanks Elizabeth! I spaced out looking for that link o__O

    Fair fups for doing higher! I got sick of it in 5th yr. Soooo unnecessary…for me anyways πŸ™‚

    I do think they were prepared together Craig, they’re not completely different (hopefully) but it’s the same team/company.

  24. And thanks Mona! You’re so sweet. Yeah Kingship is heavily tipped anyway. I want to (yes want to) do some Macbeth, but with maths tomorrow…grr.

  25. I do indeed! I was thinking of journalism and new media in UL for a while, I’m thinking of doing some form of arts course now. You?

  26. Cool. I was thinking of doing that course but im only doing 3 honour subjects(was doing 5 before mocks, but i seriously fucked up), soi would never get 410 points now. Im going for new media and english in UL which looks kinda cool, very similar to the journalism course and only 370 last year. Do you think the points needed will go up or down in arts courses this year???

  27. You might get 410! But yeah English and New Media looks cool. I thought of that too. I dunno if they’ll go up or down…maaaaybe people will go for more vocational courses. It makes sense anyhow!

  28. Ya thats what i was thinking too. Alot of people steer clear of art courses because they think its tough to get employed with an art degree, which isnt entirely true. Well i need to get off this site for a while and do a few maths problems. See you later Grace, and good luck. πŸ˜‰

  29. I would recommend not revising Rich at all, stick to bishop. The continguency paper was compiled indepently to the one that was leaked, it’s not completely different as the rumor suggests.

  30. im guessing that meriem is my very own mimium 2+ (if not please ignore!) but it’s your birthday so you don’t have to wear your uniform =) plus it’s a saturday…no one should have to wear their uniform! hopefully…! =)

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