The writers of 2009/2010

We would like to present this years bloggers for

  • MisterX – Our Anonymous leaving cert blogger who will not be revealed.
  • Annah – From Cork, has 5 brothers, aims to study in UCC and enjoys writing.
  • Bruno – From Portugal, moved to Ireland two years ago, loves computers and is aiming to attend Trinity.
  • Valerie – From Mayo, has two other people in her history class including the teacher, loves music and singing.
  • Ronan – From Waterford, likes to party hard, intends on turning around his efforts towards the leaving cert.
  • David – Has a keen interest in politics, dislikes the way Irish is taught and is the author of his own blog.

And so we would like to gladly welcome to new group of bloggers for this year.

May the Blogging begin!


5 thoughts on “The writers of 2009/2010”

  1. Hey guys. Cant wait to hear all about what ye think on 6th yr and everything. Loved the blogs last year, even tho I was in 5th yr. But this yr..I’ll be feeling ye’r pain 🙁 lol

  2. Is it ok if I just go ahead and post away? Cos WordPress keeps deleting my drafts and if I have to try and write out my introductory post one more time I might cry.

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