gets a makeover!

Notice anything different about the place? We’ve been hard at work over Christmas and have finally launched the new redesign. What’s changed? Pretty much every pixel on your screen. The logo is the only element which has remained somewhat intact, but even it has gotten a lick of paint.

New features? You bet;

New video section redesign

We’ve created an automated video section which pulls leaving cert videos from youtube and allows you to watch them on the site. We’re not sure if you’ll like this or use it, but we like the idea of videos so this section will probably chop and change over time.

New rating feature redesign

All posts can now be rated from 1-5 stars. This will give people a quick indication of whether a post is worth reading or not. We can do all sorts of stuff then with those ratings like sort posts by rating, put the top posts in to a seperate category etc..

New drop down menus redesign

One thing that annoyed the hell out of us on the last site was the poor navigation. We’ve introduced drop down menus in this redesign which will be displayed on all pages. This will help you find what you’re looking for quicker.

Fancy Tag Cloud redesign

We had a tag cloud on the old site but we’ve introduced a new fancy flash based tag cloud this time around which helps with navigation.

Facebook / Twitter Comments redesign

Perhaps one of the biggest changes we’ve made is to ditch the old comment system and install a new social friendy system. You can now login via Twitter or Facebook or OpenID and leave a comment.

The first thing you will notice is the new layout /design. It’s just so simple. Navigation wise, pretty much every page and post can be accessed from the homepage one way or another and that’s what makes this redesign so much better than anything we’ve ever done before. If you don’t agree, feel free to drop us a comment or email!

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll continue to work on the site and perfect this current design but of course we can work as hard as we want… without content from YOU, we are nothing 🙂

So we’re also looking for contributors and lots of ’em. Doing the leaving cert? Done the leaving cert? This is a stage to voice your opinions and get heard. Sign up here and start blogging today!

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