They put the storm before the calm

Another few exams done – and 3 subjects out of the way. With Irish paper 2 finished, I’m now idle until Thursday when I’ve biology that morning.

Maths paper 2 was a much more welcome paper than Paper 1 on Friday. I don’t think it was a really *easy* paper though (okay, Q5 was very, very straightforward, as was Q6 imo, and in hindsight, so was Q8). It was just more familiar – it wouldn’t have looked out of place with the papers have been the last few years. I think this has worked to my benefit, I felt much better prepared for paper 1 and it was the more difficult paper, whereas I felt less prepared for paper 2 and it was a very pleasant paper. So sickened I didn’t get the (c) (iii) of Q8 – it was SO straightforward, I realised straight after the exam. I hope that doesn’t cost me an A2. ๐Ÿ™

OL Irish paper 1 and 2 were both lovely. For Irish paper 1 there was a comprehension on John Hume and an essay on “A person I have lots of respect for,” so naturally I did John Hume and paraphrased the comprehension. I did an extra essay just in case they won’t count that, but if they do that’d be great. I only ever needed to pass OL Irish anyway, so I was under no major pressure – a huge contrast to how all the papers have been so far. I don’t think there was one paper prior to Irish (that is – English and maths) that had not had me going up until the very end.

So, 4 papers down, 4 more to go. Half-way there now. Have to do very well in physics, chemistry and biology and a B1+ in German, so there’ll be no more laid-back exams like OL Irish unfortunately. Hope everyone else doing exams is alright! They’re starting to feel a bit routine at this stage. All that hype and drama has culminated into one massive anticlimax. ๐Ÿ˜›

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