Things are getting TOO crazy

Happy 20 somethingth day of Leaving Cert everyone! Or maybe not… Sorry for the lack of blogtastic blogging on my part, leaving everyone wondering where were my wonderful insights into the BIG YEAR. The last few weeks (and last week in particular) have been fairly busy but in a fairly boring kinda way. Essentially, what I’m saying is my life is too boring to blog about. Something bad HAS to happen, or stressful, just SOMETHING.  I’m stuck in a seriously dull routine. If my life was a movie, an 90 year old man with arthritis would find things a bit too dull. Although he’d have trouble lifting my schoolbag, it weighs as much now as a small child.

I drag myself out of the leaba agus isteach sa seamra folctha at about twenty past, maybe half 8 on a bad morning. Scuab the fiacla, stick on whatever clothes come flying out of the overladen wardrobe at me (I don’t have tonnes of clothes, it’s just a small wardrobe), have breakfast if I feel like it (most important meal of the day…PFFT), sort out the bag and I’m up no longer than 10 to 15 minutes and I’m already walking into school.

Arrive around 9ish, if I’m tired I just sit down and stare blankly at nothing like the sociable man I am, or on a good morning chat about stuff, and no small talk here, BIG stuff like what we’ll do the weekend, or what we’ll do the weekend AFTER this weekend. Yes, deep philosophical stuff indeed. Admittedly, since I’ve quit staying up until 1AM occasionally on school nights I’ve been having a lot less bad mornings. What they say about sleep is true kids, you DO need it.Then the ole bell rings and we all sit wherever our hats drop (although after a while into the year people get accustomed to their seats, and certain teachers want people in certain seats, etc).

The day then chugs on, there’s the sigh before classes that bore the face off ya like Irish or German and the guilty nerdy spark of joy before biology or chemistry. The final bell of the day rings and I walk home with my friend. This is the best part of the day, right at the beginning of the hour and a half of relaxation time I have after school.

Yes, that’s my life now, I better get used to it cause it’s looking like it’s gonna be very similiar for the next 9 months…What’s your daily routine, or do you have one? How’ve been the first few weeks?

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