This is it…..

So, here we are. The 7th of June 2011.

Could that be more of a soul destroying statement?

Where did it all go? I can’t even remember easter nevermind the mocks at this stage. Then again my memories of yesterday are a bit hazy too.

This time tomorrow we will be half way through English paper one.

Scary stuff.

Now English paper 1 is indeed my favourite paper of all the upcoming exams. But by god I am terrified. The plan is to spend a few hours this morning revising my ole friends Dickinson, Frost and Hamlet. I quite like Hamlet there’s something quite reassuring about knowing that he will actually without a doubt be on the paper. Unlike my dear friends Dickinson and Frost. Now before anyone thinks I’m a fool for not having more then those two prepared I could write about Boland in my sleep and I will probably look over Yeats tomorrow night. Knowing my luck the other four will appear on the paper. But if that happens then I have another hour to spend on Hamlet. It’s not the end of the world guys if the poet you prepared doesn’t come up. Its 12.5% and yes it’s a lot but it could be worse.

Paper 1 I love. Paper 2 and I have a mixed relationship.

You don’t see people worrying about whether a certain question comprehension or question b will come up. Whereas the entire country is praying for Boland(ot whoever else) Bit ridiculous to have your entry to a degree depend on pot luck.

But that’s the way it is. If my preferred poet doesn’t appeaar on thursday I will most likely be purchasing a naggin after.

Enough rants about English it’s happening whether we like it or not. My sympathies go out to those who have Home ec tomorrow. Bit unfair on the first day of exams I must say. Speaking of unfair timetables who on earth decided it was a good idea to put french and history on the same day!

I had the same set up for my mocks but history was on in the morning and french in the evening. A1 in history D2 in french. I think that speaks for itself.

Next week is a very busy week for me, 6 exams in 4 days, and I have no doubt that my entire weekend will be spent revising irish. The bane of my life. I really wish I’d dropped to pass, I’m not counting it and I might have been actually able to learn how to do maths rather then the cramming I did yesterday. But my own pride wouldnt let me. I have a thing about the pink paper I just wouldnt adjust well to the blue.

Am I scared? Oh yes, I really am.

I’ve always done well under pressure but this is just another league of nerves. Sleep is an unknown idea for me. And no I am not up all hours studying.

My plan for today is spend a few hours this morning going over paper 2, not panic myself, answer the phone to relatives from around the world telling me that they’re thinking about me. (Prayers would help more but you can’t really force religion on people). Try not to panic myself, keep away from facebook and boards, and then some reading over paper one in the evening make sure I know all the times etc. Then hopefully an early evening with a disney movie (never fails).

So yeah this is it. I’l be back at the weekend to fill in the next few days events. Hopefully won’t be to crazy and there won’t be any tears.

Good luck to everyone, just remember we all feel the same. You can only do as well as you think you will. So get those positive thinking caps on and imagine yourself a month from now sunbathing in the rain, just because you can.

15 thoughts on “This is it…..”

  1. That’s a foolish idea doing higher level Irish even though you’re not counting it. Honestly, I dropped down in Irish and the amount of free time it gave me to study the subjects I’m actually counting is immense, not to mention freeing up that congested second week. All in all, it doesn’t really matter, but you’ll be wishing you prioritized and picked one over the other instead of getting two C’s in Irish and Maths, or whatever other subject you compromised in order to learn the mass of SHITE that comes with Irish.

    1. Maybe but I would actually like to be able to speak irish. While it may be a dead language etc etc.It’s still around for a reason. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like spending hours learning about poems and stories about younglads drinkin’. But if one day I decide I want to be a primary school teacher I’ll have my C3 in irish.

    2. Actually it’s not around for a reason. That’s exactly why it’s useless. No one speaks Irish apart from a few lads in Mayo and forced students. Anyway, good luck with that.

    3. What’s wrong with wanting to learn the language of your country? I think it’s shameful when people from all over Europe come over here for work and many make an attempt at irish whereas we sit here on our arse’s too lazy to learn it properly.

  2. This guy sound exactly like my friend. He was doing all Honours but decided to drop Irish. Then he tried to individually convince all the remaining higher level 8 of us. We realized this recently. He is soooooo bitter that we are all still able for it and he’s not. πŸ™‚

    1. Haha well after friday who knows I might have to count irish. Then again I have a sceal to learn during the break today so maybe not!

  3. Fair play to ya Amy, most people can’t be bothered with higher Irish, especially if they mightn’t be counting it. πŸ™‚ At least you won’t be constantly worrying – what if I want to do primary teaching? Wise woman!!

  4. It’s great how this Greg fellow is bouncing around blogs here, shoving his ‘Irish is dead’ argument down people’s throats. I’ve met many Gregs. The ones that simply can’t be bothered and try desperately to justify their opinion, and negate their fear of missing out by finding someone that agrees with them. Fair enough, you freed up some time for yourself, but no one gives a shit.
    Well done Amy!

  5. How’ya Greg,

    Just a couple of bones to pick with you, thanks to Adam for pointing your ignorant comments out to me.

    So, “the mass of SHITE that comes with Irish”, you say? Yeah the poems and stories aren’t great (although I loved some, I even thought An Triail was good craic) but even stuff like the stair (which isn’t on the course after this year) is really interesting, if you do it properly and understand it as opposed to just learning off paragraphs as 90%+ of teachers get students to do. You obviously learned a lot from your Irish, as the moral of An Cearrbhach Mac Caba was – be a gobshite and you’ll go far. Unfortunately for you that was a fictional story.

    And how is Irish a “mass of shite” compared to English? Five to thirteen poems versus thirty-six? If the language was taught properly and didn’t have people like you saying it’s dead, it would be piss easy because we’d actually be able to speak Irish.

    “Actually it’s not around for a reason.” Really? There is no purpose to its existence? I’m fairly sure that if that was the case, it wouldn’t actually exist. There’s obviously a reason if over 400,000 people speak it. ‘Tir gan teanga, tir gan anam’.

    “It’s useless.” No. It’s not. It’s part of our culture and all that (I won’t elaborate because you clearly don’t give a damn about heritage and the likes). And also, technically it’s not useless if it can get you a teaching/tv job with great pay and long paid holidays.

    “No one speaks Irish apart from a few lads in Mayo and forced students.” By “a few”, did you mean over 400,000, and, nationwide? And you think “forced students” speak Irish?? Do you? No forced student speaks Irish, and not everyone doing Irish feels forced to do it. Loads of people have great craic in Irish. Personally, I think everything is just better craic, and way funnier when it’s in Irish. You’d have to learn Irish and go to a good Gaeltacht to understand though.

    Sea, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but most of what you said was pure raimeis, so that’s why I thought I’d have a good rant.

    Sorry for having a massive rant in your comments Amy, felt it had to be done. πŸ˜› I had the six exams in four days too, including French and History on that beautiful Wednesday. Glad you stuck with the Irish, and I’m sure you will be too in August! πŸ™‚

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