Time For A Change

Time is something that seems to cause so many problems for so many students. There are so many time management systems out there, yet we still cant seem to organise our time so that we get everything done and have some time to chill after…

But what I cant understand is why so many people try to manage something that doesnt exist.

Time does not exist.

Think about that for a minute – watches, clocks and even mobile phones all can tell us the time, but they are not time itself.

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What is time? Time is a measure of movement. We use the rotations of the earth to measure our days and use the earths orbit for a year. So essentailly if you want to have more time in your life you’ll need to move to another planet which has a longer daily rotation and orbit!

But if we are being realistic about managing our days, what can be done with regard to study that will allow you to have more time and to work more effectively within the boundaries of time.

Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Focus on the end result.
  2. Use your phone.
  3. Morning Time.

Focus on the end results:

Never start study, or plan study saying that you will spend an hour or so on your subject. NEVER START A PLAN BASED ON TIME. Too many times you hear students say that they did an hour of geography the night before and still cant remember anything. Focus exaclty on what you want to learn. What sections, headings, facts, topics do you want to cover?

Use your phone:

There really is no point telling you to turn off your phone and focus on your study, because if we are smart, we both know that the phone will be left on. Use your phone to manage your time. Specifically use the countdown timer on the phone. Set it for 20-30 mins and you’ll notice a certain urgency that comes with a looming deadline that will help you get your work done even quicker. That then means that you get finished earlier and then can do what you really want to do without having to worry about the work that used to be left over.

Morning Time:

Here’s a great tip I got from Owen Fitzpatrick, TV presenter and time management expert on RTE’s Not Enough Hours series. Figure out how long it takes you to get ready in the morning. Actually go about timing yourself so you know exactly how long you need to get everything done, from showering, to eating to getting to school. Knowing this clearly will make it easier for you to get up in enough time and will allow you give yourself the time you need to start the day organised focused and relaxed.

Organising yourself will give you control and freedom around your study. It will allow you to get more done and have more time for yourself.

http://www.ios.ie for more students resources on time!


2 thoughts on “Time For A Change”

  1. i truley found this very helpfull its easy to rember strateforward and you get some real study done not baised on time but on what you have learned yo

  2. declan delamere

    As someone who has done several time management courses over the years, I find a key issue is correct estimation of how long a task will take. If you get this wrong then the deadlines you set yourself are no use. As things generally take longer than planned due to unscheduled interruptions (switch the phone off!)you should add some extra time to your estimate as a cushion. With me it’s 10 mins per hour, and I then stick to my deadline. If the task is not finished I move on. That way you’ll soon develop a disciplined approach, which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

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