To all future doctors (..and teachers..and basket weavers..)

As I write this my eyes are literally drooping off my face. First day back to school and I’m already drained.

Its bad enough when you go into school for the first time in 3 months and you remember JUST how much work that needs to be done,and after climbing my mountain of homework at 7pm this evening I decided to log on to have a sconce at some of the awl` blogs.

WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD IS UCAS?? Please tell me its not that thing you need to do to apply to universities in the UK, if it is maybe I should start crack-a-lacking.

Anyway, as more and more bloggers are joining (there’s a large crowd of us this year isn’t there?) I notice there’s suddenly enough potential medical students to treat an entire hospital (..well..almost..) Its refreshing getting to read the blogs of so many people with pretty much the same goals as myself, for once I see people agreeing on how delightful a challenging course like this can be, usually I get someone saying: “OMG MEDICINE?! BUT YOU,LIKE…WONT HAVE A LIFE TIL YOURE LIKE, 50…AND YOULL HAVE LIKE, NO TIME TO SPEND ALL THAT MONEY!”  Complete tripe basically.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long, when I was 4 years old I didn’t exactly know that doctors earn a large income, nor did I know how difficult it would be. All I knew was that I found the human body fascinating, and I wanted to help people. And if its true that i wont have a life for the next 10 years, so be it. My career will be my life. At least Ill be doing something I love.

This applies to all courses, not just medicine.So if you really know what you want to do, whether its journalism, teaching, medicine, english, arts, basket weaving, whatever… as long as you know you’ll happily be doing your career of choice the rest of your life, that’s all that matters. Nobody else’s opinion.

Judging by the blogs that I’ve read so far, all of you guys pretty much feel as passionately as I do. That’s refreshing and I’m crossing my fingers that our ambitions will have driven us to success for this time next year 🙂

Better go study some Chemistry..


4 thoughts on “To all future doctors (..and teachers..and basket weavers..)”

  1. UCAS is indeed the UK’s lovely (and rather more complicated) CAO equivalent. If it’s comforting, I’ve not really gotten stuck into mine, either, but then, I’m going for English. Not getting stuff done is practically the entire course. Also, speaking as a non-Medicine person (and I mean a really, really non-Medicine person), I admire anyone who’s going for it for the right reasons. It must be tough, though, because if you get your heart set on it, it’s awful not to get it, and if you don’t get your heart set on it, people will think you don’t deserve it because everyone else is so hardcore about wanting it. Anway, nice to meet/blog with you!

  2. Oh god,right Ill sort that out tomorrow or something thanks!And yeah,its bloody tough alright and competitions getting even harder judging by the increase in minimum entry points yet again this year…what a nightmare.But sure,we can only do our best 🙂 i dunno about you but besides the fact that im already wrecked im actually kind of enjoying it?!Lets stay positive,eh?;) Thanks for the post looking, forward to reading more blogs from you

  3. Good luck with Medicine! It’s deadly to see someone who’s actually really passionate about the career they want.. Most people I know haven’t a clue, or are changing their minds because of money, chance of getting a job, etc. (I’m one of them)Well done with the blog by the way 🙂

  4. Chloe,thanks so much Im happy out now!:) I havent been on in a couple of weeks but Im really glad to see the positive attitudes and encouragement that some people are giving eachother.Good job the blogs too,lookin forward to reading more 🙂

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