top 10 leaving cert videos

Top 10 most viewed leaving cert videos

Should be studying but want to take a break ‘for a few minutes’? Here’s about an hours worth of videos to keep you distracted… it’s a run down of the top 10 most viewed leaving cert related videos of all time as of today…


Claire Cullen aka ‘Clisare’ occupies not one, but two slots in the ‘top 10 most viewed leaving cert videos’ charts. Viewed over 24,000 times to date, in this video she offers some tips and advice about what examiners love to see. Note: video may contain traces of sarcasm.

Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of The Leaving Cert

This Clisare video occupies number 9 spot in the charts and has racked up over 25,000 views. Another thing you could be doing instead of the leaving cert – watching these videos!!

How to Survive Exams

Vlogger, actress and filmmaker Hazel Hayes shares her tips on how to survive the leaving cert exams (or exams in general). 25,000 people have watched her video…

lipservice _ Gearscannan as gaeilge

Legendary Irish language short film about the Leaving Cert Irish oral exam. Made in the 90’s but that just makes it more awesome…

How to get six A1’s in your Leaving Cert

Midlands 103’s Will Faulkner speaks to Sarah Houlihan who got 6 A1’s in the 2010 Leaving Cert and shares her tips. 27,000 people have listened to them on youtube.

Leaving Cert Results :O

Fashion student @TarMarz vlogged about her leaving cert results experience in 2011 which has now accumulated almost 29,000 views.


With 42,000 views, this 9 second video of rapper Flo Rida congratulating leaving cert students on their results is the 4th most viewed leaving cert video on youtube. Note: the video is 9 seconds long but the final 4 seconds just display a static image on screen promoting his 2012 ‘Wild Ones’ album.

Shite Leaving Cert Students Say Part 1

With 45,000 views, Plae Pen’s ‘Shite Leaving Cert Students Say’ proved to be such a hit that they followed it up with a part 2 (which finished just outside the top 10 in the no.11 spot).

‘I Got Me Leaving’ (The Leaving Cert Song)

Broadcaster Jim Jim Nugent wrote & produced ‘I Got Me Leaving’ in 2011. It’s gone on to become the 2nd most viewed leaving cert video in history with over 101,000 views.

Irish Mammy giving grief to her son

Viewed over 390,000 times, this mammy shot to fame in 2013 when she gave her son (Robert) an earful of some tough love as his leaving cert approached.

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