Trust me, Trust me…

…I’m a Doctor!

Today has been the much awaited CAO offers day. My lack of nerves in the run up to the actual Leaving Certificate Results was made up for, infinite times, last night as I gritted my teeth and crossed all of my fingers, hoping against hope I’d be offered Medicine today. I’m not a Religious person but, trust me, I was praying to just about anything that the CAO offers would treat me well today.
And treat me well they did!

I never got around to blogging my actual Leaving Cert results last week- the past few days have disappeared off in a blur of sleeping and celebrating. I was pretty delighted when I opened that horrible brown envelope, let me tell you.
I’d warned all of my friends and family in advance that the likelihood was that I’d get lower points this year than last year. I had myself convinced.
I’d totted up my predicted points over and over again, and it always seemed to land somewhere in the 510-525 bracket. I’d made my peace with it, and decided my 550 from last year would do the job.
However, I didn’t *actually* do worse this year! I somehow managed to scrape 565, which I was very pleasantly surprised and happy with!
I counted my points from the following:
Three A1s- Irish, English and Geography.
Two A2s- French and Biology.
One B1- Chemistry.

I was a little upset with Biology, admittedly, as I got an A1 in it last year. Also, Chemistry let me down. I got the same result in it last year, even though I felt this year’s paper went a lot better. I’ll have a look at the scripts and see if they could be brought up, but I don’t mind at all.
Leaving Cert results mean very little to me right now as they’ve been completely overshadowed with my CAO offer.

I, my friends and loyal readers, have accepted course DN002- Medicine in UCD.
I’m overjoyed. Deliriously content. Euphoric.
I can’t quite voice how I feel, because I really don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before. I honestly didn’t think I’d be getting Medicine today, especially not in Dublin!
I missed out on Trinity, my first choice, by a mere 3 points, but I got my second choice in UCD and that’s more than good enough for me.
UCD was, after all, my first choice last year.

I waited up all night, and as soon as the offers appeared on the internet (A cheeky little scanned copy on and I saw that I’d be studying Medicine this year I just began to grin. It’s a feeling like no other, and I’m incredibly delighted.
Had I not been offered Medicine today, I would have accepted Human Health and Disease Science in Trinity, but I would not have been quite as satisfied as I am right now.

As it turned out, had I not repeated at all and just taken a year out, I could’ve gotten exactly the same offers. UCD fell at 720, I was already on 723. This year’s Leaving brought me up to 726. Luckily, I can do nothing but laugh about the whole situation.
The introduction of the HPAT worked out very well for me. Less so for others, of course, but I’d never have gotten UCD if it weren’t for that bad boy aptitude exam. Although, if it weren’t for that bad boy, perhaps i’d have been more motivated.
For all my complaining and whinging throughout the year, things have worked out for me! I’ve had an amazing Summer, and looking back on my year it wasn’t so bad. I met plenty of great friends, saw many new and interesting faces.

This day last year I felt somewhat empty. The idea of repeating hurt. Seeing my friends accepting their offers to go off to every corner of the country and beyond sent pangs of disappointment through my very being. But, just a year on, everything’s after working out.
The year flew by, and I’m glad I waited around to get my dream course instead of jumping into something I wasn’t really happy with.

It’s a strange time of the year for us all- friends and classmates heading in opposite directions. Hopefully, mostly grinning.
To anyone reading my blog, I hope you’re all happy with your chosen paths. And for those of you who’re feeling somewhat upset, look at my story as one of success. In the end of the day, you’ll get what you want. It might take a little longer, it might involve a lot of stress and hardship, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

To anyone going down the repeating route, I wish you the very best of luck. I saw some amazing success stories among my own friends and classmates this year who went back to school, and the general consensus is that it was worth every single minute.

Best of luck everyone, I’m officially out for the very last time!
Thanks for reading all year, it’s been a pleasure.


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  1. Well done!!! 🙂 I got Med in NUIG. I’m absolutely delighted! What a relief. I would’ve gotten Trinity if I’d put it first but meh!

  2. I may have congratulated you at about 5am last night but was a tad groggy.


    That’s amazing 😀

    See you in UCD 😉

  3. This is my first comment but i’ve been reading for most of the year!

    Jennie you’ve been truly entertaining all year thanks so much!!
    Best of luck for the future!

    Got Med in galway myself so I’ll be seeing sum of ye in September.

  4. Nice one Jennie… its been a pleasure reading your blog throughout the year! i hope you enjoy medicine after all the work you’ve put in….

    have a ball in UCD!

  5. Congrats but im slightly confused.. shouldnt 565 plus 173 be equal to 738? Then how is Jennie’s total 726..? Am i missing something here..? I just need to be clear since im hoping for Medicine next year aswell..

  6. First of all: well done. You really thoroughly deserved that place and I hope that you enjoy it and excel in it.
    Secondly: I’m repeating next year because I missed out on law,my dream course so to speak. Your blog has made me feel more optimistic and I’m really thankful for that.

    Thank you for being an entertaining blogger and best of luck! 😉

  7. Jennie this was on your last blog when I think you were a little worried at the time!!!!
    I was response No.2 of the 135 or so.
    Delighted it all worked out for you!!!!

    Think you are right and Leaving Certificate Marks will still be VERY important.In hpat only 1% or 35 people got above 200. Realistically maximum score for top 35 places will be 560+200=760 assuming the same people who get top 1% get 600 points (now counted as 560)in leaving.
    So your 723 is not nearly as bad as you think! And there are still at least 365 places in medicine still left!
    Dont despair just yet and remember you could do health science in Trinity and repeat hpat next year and you can now get into medicine as a graduate. If determined you will succeed-good luck!

  8. Got its kind’ve sad your finished blogging…I really enjoyed them…I’m deadly serious by the way in case you think I’m ripping it!

  9. Well done i knew from reading your blogs this year,even through all your insecurities,youd get it!HAHAHA to the people who posted comments on previous blogs saying”I hope you dont get medicine”,eh? 😉

    Its good to see someone who really wants it and will work really hard the rest of their lives achieving a really serious course.I think the introduction of the hpat may start leading alot of those who are great at aptitude to put medicine on their CAO,for the sake of it,just just cos in the long run “itll be good money etc.”But this was something you really wanted,something you were passionate about,and in the end thats the kind of doctor you want.A doctor that wakes up every morning KNOWING its going to be another tough day ahead,but they wouldnt want it any other way because they want to help people,and do the best job possible.

    Im pretty sure youve thought the exact thing time and time again,Jennie.You`ll do brilliant in the future,because of your selfless dedication,which we need more of with todays health system.

  10. Thanks for your blog, Jennie. It was really entertaining and a welcome distraction from my “studies”.
    I’m repeating this year. I didn’t think my cao through, (didn’t think I get the points for it to matter!) and now I’m being offered a law degree in Maynooth that I don’t want (I’d give it to you if I could, girl who wanted law). It sucks though, because what I now really want to do was on my cao and I had the points for it, it was just placed below this law thing. Damn.
    Oh well, if you say repeating is worth it then I’ll believe you. I’ve waited this long to get to UCD, one year of doing the Leaving Cert properly won’t kill me..I hope.

    Anyway, good luck with medicine, I hope you love it!

  11. S- you say you have the points for it? If your points are over the points total, then don’t repeat and apply next year with this year’s results. If they are barely enough then repeat though, just to be safe.

  12. I’d have nothing to do for the year, Colm. There are no jobs about! Plus, I’m very unsure so a year will help me clear my head, decide on a course for sure, and make sure I have enough points for it.
    Thanks for the advice though!

  13. HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD DID YOU GET AN A1 IN ENGLISH WHEN YOU REPEATED (finished the course in 1 year I mean)???
    repeating for med next year myself :S

  14. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! 🙂
    Anyone else for UCD at’all?
    Lookin’ forward to seeing yourself Grace 😉

    Shauna: I got 726 because 565 = 553, every 5 points after 550 is only counted as 1. Yeah. So, 553+ 173= 726 😉

    Here, to anyone repeating, seriously best of luck. It’ll be worth it in the end!

    Meanie, how I got the A1 in English I have no idea, especially considering I didn’t eh.. read Macbeth and stuff. There’s a book by Tony Lake called “Key Notes”- buy it and learn his essays 😉
    A lot of the repeats in my school got a few grinds or did revision courses, I s’pose that wouldn’t be a bad idea!
    I didn’t get grinds or do revision courses in anything, mind, and I didn’t fare too badly.
    Also, did you know Enthusiasm is actually on the English Marking scheme? Be as enthusiastic (fake, sure why not.. :P) as possible. I LOVE THIS POET AND WILL DEFINITELY BE CHECKING OUT MORE OF HIS STUFF IN THE FUTURE, OMGZ WAS SO GREAT I LOOOOOOOVE IT WOWZER etc 🙂

  15. Start a new blog so we can read about your progress through the even higher pressure environment of Medicine in UCD! 😀

  16. Well this is my first time posting but I’ve been readin your blog throughout the year.
    Always found time to laugh at bits that you wrote.
    Congrats :).
    You should write another blog. I always enjoyed readin yours this year!

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