Turquoise Strepsils, Religious Debate, and Goldfish.

I come with grave news, my friends. I’m not certain as to the best way to say this, so I’m just going to come out with it. I have, most unfortunately, come down with a cold. This comes as a devastating blow, and it would seem that this truly is my darkest hour. However, all is not lost. I spent a happy five minutes today watching a Rubex dissolve. (I also drank roughly 4 gallons of orange juice. Vitamin C is good, and I shall have ALL of the Vitamin C) There’s also the fun of picking out which colour Strepsils I shall bring to school – Currently rocking the turquoisey ones, they don’t taste nice so people know I mean business. It’s quite funny how the sudden sore throat people develop upon seen a box of throat lozenges disappears just as quickly when they’re the wrong flavour.

Okay, aside from my life-threatening cold, this aul Leaving thing is continuing to approach. Unfortunately 🙁 And now I’ve developed a desire to apply to Cambridge, because I am a masochist and love to create more work for myself. And financially cripple myself for years.. Aaargh. However, a Maths degree there is looking mighty tempting. I honestly think I’d end up dropping out of school if it weren’t for Maths. A killer double German can only be remedied by a bitta Integration. What a babe 😉
Ironically the subject that’s wrecking my head the most is the one with no workload – Religion. I have the 3 non-exam classes set-up, and it is frankly a joke. I reeeeally do not see the benefit in 2 hours of possible study time being spent listening to utter rubbish. I mean no disrespect to anyone who subscribes to the Catholic religion, but my beliefs differ, so I feel it to be a waste of time, and sometimes borderline offensive. I’m not exactly Atheist, although I take a strongly scientific view, and having this outlook subtley attacked is not something I’m happy to trade studying for. I genuinely believe that my teacher means no disrespect, and fair enough my school has a Catholic ethos, but AAAAAAARGH.
This year is already flying. It’s terrifying. I know it’s just been the first full week, but it was only about 15 minutes long. I wish this would make me panic or something. I have no problem spending a few hours at the books, and any work I have to get done, does get done, but my concentration levels are comparable to a particularly thick goldfish with ADHD. Not helped by our current studying of William Wordsworth, or Willie Words as our lovely English teacher nicknamed him. ( There’s more of that – Willie Shakes wrote Hamlet.) I love English, I love poetry, but wow this guy is dull. Tintern Abbey is a pile of awful drivel. “I went to a place and it was nice and I thought about it a bit when I was sad ’cause it made me happy and now five years later I’ve come back and it’s still nice even though I’m older obviously ’cause it’s been five years oh and my sister would like it here.” It should not take 160 lines to say that. I miss Emily Dickinson. Batshit insane as she was, at least I didn’t want to stab myself in the face out of boredom.
I can’t say I’m not enjoying myself though. There’s little moments here and there that make up for the facial stabbing urges, such as our German teacher deciding to lock a student outside the room because he was annoying her, or the History teacher mocking the size of someone’s hardback copy. Oh, and my accidental assassination attempt of one of the Woodwork teachers with a lunchbox. Sorry sir, I’d have apologised but I was traumatised and then you ran away.. Not forgetting the simple joys of noodles at lunch. Thank you, Koka, for making my life just that little bit more complete. That being said, the weekend is most welcome. And on that note, I should go enjoy it. Slán 🙂

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