UCKAT, BMAT and Eolaíocht.

So I survived the UKCAT but researching it was a pain and finding decent practice questions was next to impossible. With only a week’s practice I can assure you I was looking for all the extra advice I could get. So here are my recommendations for anyone who’s sitting the UKCAT in the next few days or will be in 2011.

First of all the only practice material that’s any good is:

  1. The Pearson Vue practice exams ( 2 full realistic exams and one short exam) download here (from UCKAT website)
  2. How to Master the UKCAT, which is a book circling around the internet which downloads as a pdf

Nothing after that is worth looking at in my opinion, although more links to practice material can be found on forums like thestudentroom.co.uk.

Now that that’s over and done with the BMAT is next on my list of Aptitude tests to do. Ironically one of the great books out there on the web for the BMAT is called- “How to Master the BMAT” which is also downloadable as a pdf (free btw). Who ever published that series of books is getting royally screwed over because they are virtually the only books you can get on the internet hassle free.

There’s also a book called “BMAT and UKCAT” but looking at it it doesn’t seem to great. The other one covers everything from biology, physics, and chemistry revision to the essay writing section (which I think will be the most difficult section). The great thing about these books is that they’re full of practice questions, answers and explanations.

But if you’re looking for practice questions for the BMAT the Official website has loads of questions http://www.admissionstests.cambridgeassessment.org.uk/adt/bmat/Test+Preparation

On a slightly unrelated note; Why do they make Irish versions of the science exams for leaving cert.?

It makes no sense. Is there a Physics textbook out there as Gaelige? Are there even Irish words for every element on the periodic table? Who would use gaelige in a science lab anyway? Nobody would understand you outside the country (nor inside the country either) and university lecturers don’t teach science in Irish anyway. Why give extra irish bonus points for something that would disadvantage anyone who applied it after school?

Also for those of you who are going to sit a science exam in Irish, Do you have to learn it in english and then again in irish or the other way around??

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  1. Im doing chemistry and biology through irish,and yeah,i agree that its completely useless once you get to college but hey,bonus points!(only 10percent of what you DIDNT get though,so really its just beneficial if youve come really close between 2 grades)Im assuming they give the extra points cos theyre trying to encourage young people to speak irish and keep the language alive and stuff,and obviously its a little more difficult.
    You dont HAVE to learn the course off in irish and english,but i find i know most of the courses in both languages.Theres no irish textbooks so we get the english ones,use them and our teachers print up our notes in irish.My bio teacher even made little books for us…LEGEND 😮

  2. Hello, you mentioned in your post that you could get the “how to master the BMAT” book for free online, however i couldn’t find any site to download it for free – may i know which site you were referring to?

    Thanks (:

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