Ugh! here we go!

Oh lads, what a shocking week :/

So day one of 6th year, I was given my timetable, I honestly laughed thinking it was a mistake. It wasn’t!

Heres a little info about myself first. I hate languages and like maths, physics, accounting and DC&G. I’m doing 7 subjects hence I won’t be counting one for my points in June, it WILL be Irish. I don’t need it for like 20 courses i would like to do.

Anyway it turns out I must do Irish 7 times a week, religion 4 times. I’m not even sitting religion for my leaving and am 100% atheist. What’s the story here?!!

Because we are so intent on keeping our redundant language alive we are forgetting to put emphasis on important things like science and maths.

Now I don’t think anyone can argue that Irish is more valuable than any other subject in school. It is the least valuable subject! Why the frank is it compulsive?

Don’t start this bull about it being heritage. I know, my family are from Dingle in Kerry, my grandad was an Irish lecturer in Dublin. I would have no problem if it just wasn’t a friggin mandatory subject.

I won’t even waste my time writing about religion, it is clearly the biggest waste of 4 classes a week ever. Anyone can see that!

Simple solution: let me study during these classes, I won’t even be seen in class.

Will it happen? NO! due to stupid medieval time regulations in the system!

Sorry about that little rant but I had to let people know how stupid schools can be run. So nows my time to lift your spirits a bit πŸ™‚

I was reflecting on funny things that happened in school as long as I have been there. The one that stands out has to be the time gardaΓ­ from a drug division came to my school, they showed us the drugs etc… Anyway a garda went on to say ‘any questions?’ and a notorious stoner in my class shouted out…. ‘Which one would you recommend?’ XD This has to be one of the funniest things to happen in a school. I look forward to some funny responses from ye lads πŸ˜€

On a non-school related subject, everyone should listen to kid cudis songs ‘erase me’ ‘I be’ and ‘cudder is back’ I think the man is a genius < my opinion :D. I will give ye more things to look up next time πŸ™‚

P.S thanks to the website for giving me a place blogging, I hope I can impress.

Yogi out, Peace y’all !!

7 thoughts on “Ugh! here we go!”

  1. Am I the only one that’s curious.. Irish seven times a week, how is that possible in five days of school? πŸ˜›

  2. Oh I see! Normally I like double classes.. but only when it means there’s one less day with that subject, so less days with homework. I feel sorry for both of ye πŸ™

  3. Question: So what did the Garda recommend? haha
    My school’s laid back when it comes to religion. 3 times a week which means 3 free classes for me, as I do DCG during this time. Also I avoid LCVP even though I qualify. I used 10 subjects as a resonable excuse.
    Irish is five times a week and I get four classes of science a day(as I do Bio, Phys and Chem in school). The only double language period is English which is tolerable, definitly better than double irish. So for me the balance of my timetable is as follows. Maths & Science : Languages = 23:15

  4. Irish seven times a week is a bit mad, but knowing me I’d probably enjoy it. We have double everything (as in all exam subjects) except Irish and English. Religion is three times a week and I haven’t had it yet but I think our teacher will do Religion with us – ugh. What a waste of time considering I don’t know what to believe in and that the time could be far better spent by having study classes or PE. We don’t have PE in 6th Year, and it’s pretty ridiculous because it would be a welcome break, we are advised to exercise as well as study after all. Grr…

  5. WOw thanks for a peek into school over seas. At least, in your corner of over seas πŸ™‚ (i love random searches lol)

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