Wanted: Someone to make all decisions for me.

Stressed, tired, indecisive Leaving Cert student seeks a tall, dark handsome stranger to make all important decisions for her in the coming twelve months. Actually, let’s face it, I can’t really afford to be picky at this stage: I’ll accept anyone’s opinion!

Decision number 1: Pass Irish?

Irish is the one subject which stresses me out at the moment. I’m not absolutely terrible at it, but it takes up so much time! In 5th year Christmas & summer tests I managed 86% in both, but in class tests for sixth year I’ve become a C student. And it takes hours of study to even achieve that. My teacher is quite good & if I dropped down, there’s no guarantee I’d get a decent teacher (there’s actually only one class I’d like to join). So I need to decide, is it better to put in lots of effort for a low B / C or less effort and just forget about Irish for points?

Decision number 2: What to do in college

So apparently this is actually important in my life? Imagine that.. Right now, my answer to anyone is that I want to Law, especially Law & German / Law & Politics. Buuuuuuuuuut.. I don’t have a freakin’ clue why. I just want to. Is that a bad idea? I was always set on Psychology or Medicine, but seeing as there’s a lack of job in Psychology and I know I don’t want Medicine as much as everyone else, I changed my mind. But I honestly don’t know. I like the idea of Law, because I’m logical & like debating, researching & helping people but it’s all so much to take in!

I’m telling ya, I will be BALD when this is over. And if I’m not, there’ll be a lot of smashed plates in my house ๐Ÿ˜‰ Any avdive is much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Wanted: Someone to make all decisions for me.”

  1. I think it all depends on how confident you are with the rest of your subjects.Saying that,it sounds like you do pretty well,so maybe its worth keeping on until your pres and see how you get on?By then if the workload is too much you could always do ordinary level and relax a bit for irish cos youll have some of the ordinary level course covered already (poems,etc..)..

  2. I dropped down to pass Irish myself at the start of the year, I’ve 6 honours subjects now. Much better! The workload in honours is another world entirely compared to pass Irish. My reasoning was, that if I did honours Irish, there’s no way I’d get more than a low C in it, and it’d be my 7th (and hence discounted) subject. In pass, it’ll be my 7th subject, but will require much less work!

    But remember that dropping to pass Irish closes some doors, mainly primary teaching.

  3. Hey chloe, if what you said about Irish being the only subject that stresses you out than I’d say you should stick at higher level. Obviously you’ve put in a year of it so far and got As in the tests that matter the most. Maybe your teacher marks the other tests harder. Just because it doesn’t come as easy to you as maths doesn’t mean you should give up on higher level. You wouldn’t want to regret not doing higher level just to relieve nine months of stress.

    Just saying, that’s what I think and that’s why I’m staying in honours.

  4. I agree with Richard..if you know you’ll only get a low C WITH effort and you assume you won’t be using it for point purposes then you may as well keep it a the seventh but with much much less effort by dropping

  5. After all the work and good grades, maybe you should keep doing honours. With languages, sometimes it takes a while to get back to your usual standard after two or three months of not even looking at them. You might find it easier after a couple of more weeks. Plus, you’d be most likely to get at A in pass, and if that’s the case I’d always say try and stick with honours. But, if you’re doing six other honours, there isn’t too much sense in being stressed by one you won’t use for points, unless you think you might decide to be a primary school teacher. :/ Choices these days!

    As for college, that’s the toughest one, but the main thing to think of is, what do you enjoy and what interests you? That usually doesn’t narrow it down half enough though.

  6. If you have 6 higher level subjects (that you think you can get high points in) – is there a point?
    It depends on what you own motivations are. If you are looking for really high points then dropping is probably the way to go. You can focus on the other 6 which will be counted for the CAO. It really depends though.

  7. Thanks for the advice everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ I mentioned it to my mam and she encouraged me to keep it on for the moment, to see how things turn out when I get back into it. I’ve been getting Cs with the minimum of work so hopefully I’ll start studying properly & get my results back up, until Christmas tests at least!

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