What I find hilarious

…Is the polite rudeness of the school

Ok, so its Thursday morning and the biology exam is on at 9:30, which I didn’t attend because I had given up on biology a long long long time ago. After asking numerous people what I should do, should I tell them I’m not going in.. Should I just not turn up.. etc (because I’m not one who has the nerve to ask teachers and stuff.) the overall answer I got was just not turn up. So.. I get a phone call at home at 9:40am.


“Is that Amy?”


“Are you not doing biology?”


“Do you think it would have been common courtesy to tell someone?”



The ignorance fucking out stands me. Did that school have common courtesy when they started telling me how messed up I was and digging deep into my personal family life, when the reason I went to them was to ask could I drop the subject after getting numerous low grades and not having the will to work at it?

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