Where the accents are nice & the boys are pretty..

Oh yes another open day has come upon us. Twelve friends and I got on the 8:07 train to Belfast city for the Queens open day, and what a day it was! Suddenly we all felt the new freedom and realisation of adulthood that comes with sixth year. We felt the coming of age when a trip to Belfast was left entirely left up to ourselves, no teachers, no uniform. I’m talking unsupervised trip people! On the train I was already getting excited as I heard the accents, an ”Ach aye” here and a ”Pure fierce” there! I should mention I am partial to a Northern accent, some might call it an obsession, that’s a strong word. Needless to say I was in my element walking around Belfast immersed in college life and northern accents. Aaah…

The university definitely exceeded my expectations, It was a big campus and the design was very grand, an almost English-like feel. On a totally non related school note, we all noticed one major thing. The boys. Beau-ti-FUL! When we crossed the border we obviously entered an alternate universe where the ‘Irish looking’ boys we knew all too well, were nowhere to be found. Don’t get me wrong I love the ‘Irish look’ who can resist a rugged red faced farmer? I know I can’t! However a change of scenery is always nice. Back to the open day itself, firstly we went to the criminology lecture and it was fascinating. The lecturer was an American lady who looked like a member of the cast on C.S.I, and coincidentally, she used to live and work in Miami!

The next lecture on my list was psychology and finding the lecture hall was a job in itself. We got lost walking around in circles and finding ourselves back where we had started, until we found a second year psychology student who led the way. ”I’ve been here four years and I still get lost!” That paints some picture on how big the university is. The lecture rooms were MASSIVE! I’d been to the ones in UCD and I thought the auditorium was big but this was bigger, it was Belfast big! The lecturer was describing the course content and he said in Queens you get to observe animals and children in different labs. This was something I never heard before! I pictured when in Big Brother the housemates can’t see anyone behind the mirrors when Davina goes into the house, but she’s watching them! This sounded amazing and totally new from any of the other psychology lectures in Maynooth or DCU that I had been to.  The lecturer was enthusiastic, passionate and very welcoming too. Needless to say I could definitely see myself in Queens, nice accents, nice boys and the course doesn’t sound too shabby either!

So, the verdict on Queens? It’s a a big YES from a very impressed me! After we got our FREE lunch!! (Open day bliss) We rounded the day of with a trip to Hollister in Victoria Square, which may I add is only a 5 minute walk from the University. Another reason to love Queens? I think so.  We headed back to the south and literally on the train, we saw the weather change from sunny to rainy as we crossed over the border.  All in all it was a ”Pure, fierce wild day” (northern accent). Now what needs to be tackled is that dreaded  UCAS essay about myself and why Queens should have me as a student in their prestigious university. We have to ”Sell” ourselves people, and sell myself I shall! What am I worth? That’s another question! Hopefully a place at Queens. Good luck to all fellow UCAS-ers!

Stay strong student warriors,


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