why can’t life be more like pokémon??

I really really really really really wish life was more like pokémon!! wouldn’t everything be so much easier? no need for an education if you just train some super class pokémon and then kick everyone’s ass! I bet gym leaders never had to go to college, or members of team rocket for that matter. I really need to stop watching cartoons….

anyway..so it’s day 4 of my 9 day ‘working break’,or so it’s been dubbed by the teaching units of pobalscoil na trínóide and 4 days sitting at a desk without contact from the outside world is really making me wish my pres were before the mid term. Lucky valerie and the majority of other people! Studying is great and all but without breaks which involve actual social contact it becomes somewhat unpleasent,and unpleasentness is no friend of mine. Also when staring at your pre timetable becomes slightly entertaining when compared to what your actually supposed to be doing then you know your kinda in trouble. So i’m taking a break from studying for my leaving cert, so that i can complain about it ^_^

I’ve been studying Lear for the last hour or so and all i can come up with  aside from the whole play being a bit of a mind fuck, is that Cordelia is a total biatch. If say your mam or dad was going senile and they asked you to tell them that you loved them wouldn’t you friggin well do it?? I know i’d sugar coat it and possibly hang bells off it,So I find this whole business of her not being able to compromise her ‘integrity’ as a big croc of sh*t tbh. Seriously,she’s just a self righteous biatch and she’s just as stubborn as the guy who we’re all supposed to say was a fool to use the love test and blah blah blah. Apparently it’s tipped that a question about COrdelia as a role model is gona come up this year and i really hope it does,just so i can write a nice long essay about how i think she’s a total biatch. Being negative is so fun in exams,it’s quite similar to bitching about people so my being a teenage girl comes in quite handy.

I should probabley go study some more,since I haven’t even finished reading wuthering heights and i’m planning on writing an essay on it next tuesday so that’s all for now folks


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    1. Television in general! And what is it with kids cartoons? Last Sunday, killer hangover- Ben 10 Movie or some such muck… Cartoon Network seems perfect for filling that vacuum in your brain.

      Awesome for the adults of the future eh?

  1. I so agree that Cordelias a cow, I never got why she couldn’t just go along with it to keep the peace!

    I’m doing the exact same subjects as you, though I’m doing chemistry outside school by my lonesome cos its so damn teensy weensy that it doesn’t offer it as a subject..:/

    I’m not just doing it for the craic:P its to get into veterinary in UCD HOPEfully. I’m hyper paranoid that I’m behind and won’t make the C I need.. Are you finished the course? Do you find the experiments hard to learn? Any predictions? Muchas gracias for any info!:)

  2. Lawliet-My education long ago realised that it would have to bow down in the face of my addiction to bleach,fma,naruto and just anime in general,it’s sad but true.

    Misterx- I prefer kix tbh,since i don’t have the more mainstream cartoon channels(one day…), but i totally agree that cartoons now are way less imaginative then they used to be. Children watch more tv now and it’s of worse quality,I say bring back johnny quest! He could solve all the world’s problems in just one episode…^_^

    Ann- you=legend! I do physics outside of school.
    I doubt anyone in the country is finished the course so don’t panic. THe thing with the experiments is that you really need to actually do them to learnt them properly so if you don’t get the chance to do them outside of school maybe you should ask if a teacher could show you some of them or something. I have rather a few predictions but i’ll just give you the experiment ones since this comment is already exceedingly long. Q1: bleach titration or EDTA titration Q2; saponification (reflux) or the preparation and comparison of aldehydes and ketones. Q3: measuring the relative atomic mass of a volatile liquid + definiton of relative atomic mass OR purification of benzoic acid + finding it’s melting point OR thiosulfate concentration rate with time. Not 100% about them but I’m about 95% sure. Hope you find them helpful. ANything else you wanna ask about chemistry feel free cos I seriously <3 chemistry ^_^

  3. Thats great, thanks!:) I may indeed come back with more questions, chemistry is growing on me…
    Go you for doing physics outside school, I love it but alot of that is down to our super dote of a teacher. I can trade you some physics info if you need some:P

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