Why I am not studying….

Instead of studying like a normal person aiming for almost 600 points I wrote a poem instead and I thought I would share because I weird like that 😛  Please feel free to comment about how awful and weird a poet I am ( I’m considering writing a book of poems and make future leaving cert students study them mwa ha ha 😛 )

I call it searching for inspiration:


I’m searching for inspiration

To study this quotation

‘cause I can’t see what Dick Kings wife

Has to do with my life.


You see, I want to be a vet

To help the worlds pets

But I’ve left it too late

I’ll be lucky with 108

So I’m looking for some inspiration

To study this quotation.


But what could it be,

Is what I’m struggling to see

I don’t think I’d study

Even for any money.

It means nothing to me

So what could it be?


Maybe to stop the hunger and pain

Which is the earth’s bane

But I know in my head

Points don’t equal bread

So why should I try

When others still die


Points are so pointless

It’s all such a mess

There is just no inspiration

To study this quotation


But I don’t want to live with regret

I still want to be a vet

Even though I’ve left it too late

And might only get 108

I’ll keep looking for inspiration

To study this quotation


I guess it’s really procrastination

Looking for this inspiration

But I just don’t see what Dick Kings wife

Has got to do with my life.

6 thoughts on “Why I am not studying….”

  1. Love the poem! Here’s mine – the rhymes are a bit dodgy – what do you think?

    We’re giving some free grinds,

    we’re doing them live online,

    for Leaving Cert (Ordinary) maths,

    (tonight is Functions and Graphs)!


  2. You deserve 600 points for individuality and not being a sheep. Great poem. Who the hell was Dick King anyway? Let me know when you’ve graduated from Veterinary College.

  3. This is a childish and unsophisticated poem. You focus on uneducated topics like childishly slandering one of the only poets you know. The only visible poetic techniques you used were rhyme, which many poets don’t even care about. You’ll probably have to repeat so just am . . Study please?

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