We will all get there in the end!

Today the 8th of May, that means just 30 days till “IT”, “IT” meaning the big bad LC. Right about now I’m here trying to learn for 3 class tests tomorrow!? Is class tests really that relevant any more! Another thing, is the Leaving Cert really that relevant, I believe that this education system of ours ain’t that fair on the likes of me,a girl who is not naturally smart and cant get 600 from just being “intelligent”. I’m the type that needs to work my ass off for a good B in a test while sitting beside me is someone who just knows it and gets an A! I don’t have anything against them people that’s just how they are but I feel its not fair for the students who suffer under exam conditions, assessments and small exams should be introduced, one exam can’t prove how capable we are, now a days mental health is a big deal, well Irish Government take in the consideration of 16-18 years who spend a year on edge over the LC, there needs to be drastic changes, as the Leaving is getting closer I go into school seeing at least 3 people crying or people out sick due to stress and as for my guidance counsellor she’s flooded with appointments god love her. Well I didn’t expect that to go this far!! To all my fellow 2016 leaving cert students, don’t worry this wont determine what we do in life and don’t let it get to you. We will all get there in the end!

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