Worst leaving cert website?

This site was set up, believe it or not, because i didn’t like the look of any other leaving cert sites at the time (in 2006). I still don’t like many of them in 2010 😉

Now ironically, the site i created back then was a pretty awful looking website but it gradually improved and evolved in to what it is today.

website warning

Looks of course aren’t that important. Google a good example.  But Google get away with it because they’re Google. Can a leaving cert website get away with really poor design or usability? I’m not so sure you guys are so tolerant.

So i thought i’d create a little poll here. The results will be interesting. Who do you want to see claim the title of  ‘Worst Leaving Cert Website?’.

‘Worst’ can mean anything of course, but i’ll leave it up to your own good judgement as to what the definition of ‘worst’ is… but if you need some guidance ask yourself what site really annoys you or what site sprung to mind immediately when you seen the title of this post?

[poll id=”8″]

The sites listed above have not been hand selected, i’ve simply done a search for leaving cert sites and selected all the major ones. If you want me to add more to the list, just say so.

And if you want to elaborate on why you voted ‘x’ the worst leaving cert website, feel free to comment below…

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