worst year of my life

This year has honestly been the worst year of my life , I have 2 days left and I feel so unprepared even though I took the last two weeks off school to study , It seems I cant even remember anything that I learned two weeks ago. Most of my friends study but some of them just take it the extreme getting up at 7 and studying until maybe 11 at night its just crazy. I sincerely hope I am doing enough because I usually work as if it is a school day , I have to have some life outside of study or I am going to lose my mind. This system is so corrupted , for HL English you learn your king lear , cultural context and general vision but they could bring up a bitch of an essay title that completely throws you off , I understand that the leaving cert is supposed to test us but it really does seem impossible at the moment , I have no motivation to study and We start on Wednesday , I probably wont get my first course and I just think this system is upside down if your not becoming an engineer or a pilot we shouldn’t have to study Maths. Then we get the whole story you will use it everyday , not you wont you will probably use multiplication and addition but I never plan on using algebra again and to think that if I fail maths I fail the whole exam after all the work is just really down heartening. There is no way on earth I am repeating , this year has been the most horrible year ever, I dont really know what to do with myself.

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