Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Part One)

God that song makes for good summer sunshine weather.. Flaming Lips, lovely. Electric Picnic anyone else? It’s going to be EPIC…

Today I discovered that if you connect seven of the freakles on my right arm in a certain way that the “connect-the-dots” figure formed looks like a butterfly… actually, I don’t like butterflies, it looks like a bow-tie. I also learned that kittes are more fun to play with when faced to choose between them and going over An Triail (the kitten in question goes by the name of Nabla so it was kind of as if I was studying….) and Calippos make for good sunshine food.
Today I did not discover exactly how to integrate something if it’s hanging out on the y-axis or how exactly plants reproduce or the ways in which Tim should re-elavaluate his management skills in order to manage his business more efficiently. OH WELL!

As times ticks slowly on, I am getting sucked into a big vat of complacency, often counting down the seconds to nine pm where I can then skip merrily downstairs, announcing how I am too tired to study anymore yet staying up for another three hours to watch Home and Away on youtube is perfectly acceptable. Will I regret my complete and utter time wasting when I’m sitting down in the exam centre on Wednesday morning, possibly. Is there anything I’m going to do about it now? No. I am tired of it, it’s been a long year and seeing that I have less than twenty days left until I can do whatever pleases me fails to spur me on to studying myself into a hole in the ground. I find it much more pleasing to complain with my fellow suffers, suffering in silence in for fools, we all know that misery loves company.
It seems as if the past month has past entirely without incidence, I won’t remember it this time five years. It’ll be a vague notion, “Ah I’m sure I studied like mad”, that kinda thing. Life is dull at the moment, I hate it. Striving for some adventure, the chance to read a book for pleasure (heaven forbid, I’ll get to enjoy what I’m reading opposed to searching for ways in which is express my pleasure), the opportunity to get out of the house without having to time when I should return in order to get some study in.. Faced with such lovely prospects it’s very very difficult to sit down and stick my head into the Chemistry book for hours.
I presume once the exams themselves start it won’t be so bad, there’s a high chance I’ll need some sort of horse tranquilizers to calm me down, Barocca Boost and coffee do that to a girl.
It’s just this limbo that really is dragging me down into Land of Complacency. Course the fantastic weather matches my “it’ll be grand” mood, typical. Mmm, sun loungers. Also, being hunched over books for so many months mean that my back aches like crazy so really.. the sun loungers are helping me on the path to efficient and effective study.

Might give that a go come Tuesday night. Until then I’ll continue dreaming about the summer and thinking that Tim is a twat for setting up a business in the first place if he’s relying on me to give him advice on how to manage it.

12 thoughts on “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Part One)”

  1. Ah ABQ’s….how they irritate me.

    “Tim always liked pizza and so he decided to set up his own pizzeria having completed a FETAC course in culinary arts. Tim used communion money from his Credit Union savings account to purchase premises in inner city Dublin and two pizza ovens. Tim has absolutely no business experience and so he employed his sister, Mary, to run the day to day business. Mary took business studies for junior cert, and hasn’t missed an episode of “Deal or no Deal” since 1992. Business is booming.”

  2. Tim has eaten too much pizza and is starting to get a tad tubby. Because of this he notices that he is stressed and often takes it out on his employees. He recently fired a waitress, Ann, because she refused to go out with him.

    What can Ann do?

  3. The Equality Tribunal! She can totally demand free pizza for the rest of her life.

    But what entrepreneurial skills and or characteristics did they display? That is what we all to know. Especially the difference between the two. Right there, that’s where you’ll find the key to successful business.

  4. I love when they’re like “Tim freaked out and killed three people. Mary isn’t happy. Identify one conflict in the above text.”


  5. The thing about this leaving cert blog is that all you bloggers are EXTREMLY intelligent and are most probabley about to get like 10 trillion points on your leaving cert! you all go on lk all you do is drink(alcohol or tea), pretend to study and I dunno protect the streets of gotham at night!

    i have to say though!….i think you guys are secret studyers and are just super intelligent!
    unlike me! I suck or kinnda suck at everything at school! im ok at English and Home ec( low bs the odd a2 in home ec if i bust my balls)but maths irish and french UGH!.and it doesnt help when you only find out your dyslexic 2 months before your leaving!!(haha dont even think i spelled that right!!)

    what im trying to say is WHAT ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT!!!
    you are deffo in the top 5%(5 and % are the same button SWEET!) most litterate,witty and intelligent students!your all going to ace English anyway!
    im going to go and try learn about walcott now!what am i even doing here!?!?(i was actually looking for ways the cheat the lc on the internet and this blog poped up and i thought it was funny so i read them all!:D
    I am i total waster!

  6. Someone, you’re lovely.

    I’ll take credit for being witty, intelligent and plain deadly if that’s alright?

  7. Pff, fine, you can be the intelligent one. I’m the alcoholic who goes out and protects gotham city at night.

    Haha, you actually spelled dyslexic correctly. In fact, your spelling was decent enough.

    Anyway, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I mean, it’s not like being amusing gets you an automatic pass on your leaving cert. I think? That would be sweet, though, if you could get points for smartassery…

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