You raise me up

Yesterday, i made some tweaks to our design. There was quite a bit of space up in the header and a lot of it was just being wasted…

Up until now, it was just our logo & search box which sat up there, but i’ve now added a register & login link for ease of access and to encourage people to register on the site (which enables you to blog on

Speaking about registration, i’ve made some changes to our registration system. All you need to register is a username, email and password. You’ll then be send  an email and asked to verify your email address and once you do that you’re free to start blogging on

Moving on to design and i physically reduced the size of the header which in turn raised all of the content up the page ever so slightly. We’re only talking about 20 pixels, but it looks much more tighter and neater now, even though most of you probably won’t even notice 😉

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