You’re Not Lazy – Just Incredibly Motivated To Do Nothing

So you have little to no motivation…what do you do? Well you are never going to get any motivation. That is a fact that cannot be argued.

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Motivation will not fall from the sky and hit you in the head. Its not that some people have it and some don’t, I’m pretty sure anyone could be motivated if you pulled a gun on them and held it at their head, people will do nearly anything in that situation – trust me.

People who are so called lazy are just incredible motivated to do nothing. And I think it takes more motivation to sit around and do nothing all day, I’d go insane doing nothing, but some people are just that focused they can put their mind to nothing and do it well.

When I run courses with students one of the main problems they tell me is that they don’t have the motivation to study.

“If I had more motivation then I’d do more study and get better results.”

Well how much motivation do you have right now? Where do you keep your motivation when you don’t need it? Can you see your motivation? Do you keep it in your bag and take it out when you need it? What do other people do with their motivation?

What am I trying to point out here?

Motivation is not a thing, an object or an item. You know this. Motivation is a feeling. It’s a feeling you get that drives you to do certain things.

Now who controls your feelings?

Friends, family, teachers? Nope… try this for a minute.

  • Think of something that you really, really, really, really love doing. Anything at all.
  • Go back and remember a time when you were doing it.
  • See everything you saw at the time, from your own point of view.
  • Hear everything that that was going on at the time, and notice where the sounds we coming from and how loud they were – turn the volume up.
  • Notice how good it feels.

Now, try this out. Notice exactly where the good feelings start in your body. Then where do they move? To which part of your body?

Now just try speeding up the feeling moving around your body until you double the intensity of the feeling rapidly.

Once you began to remember what feeling good feels like, you can notice how the feelings start and move around your body. Practice this and you will become more in control of your neurology and your state of mind. Keeping this good feeling spinning, think about the thing you need to be more motivated about. The more you think about it, the more you spin the good feeling faster and faster. Notice what happens. Motivation is a state of mind that you create, no one else.

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3 thoughts on “You’re Not Lazy – Just Incredibly Motivated To Do Nothing”

  1. So what ur basically tell me to do is wank when I need motivation!
    Seems as good a reason as any I suppose

  2. So what ur basically tell me to do is wank when I need motivation!
    Seems as good a reason as any I suppose

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