Orals. The Beginning.

In the morning, I have oral. An oral. A german one.

Interrigation in a language that isn’t your first.

Chances of fucking up, very high. Its so incredibly intimidating.

If you say something wrong, you could get stuck in quite a nasty mess. And thats what I hope to do.

1 thought on “Orals. The Beginning.”

  1. Ahh, good luck.

    A tip would be to leave the last sentence you say one that can open an easy subject so you can control.

    Like if you talk about your familly (easy topic) say everything you can and finish on a sentence like “he/she is very sporty / they are in college”

    Most likely the next question will/would be. “What sports do they play? / What/Where are they doing in college?

    Just a tip.

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