2 thoughts on “Bulgarian”

  1. Are these impossibly difficult texts or what!
    I checked out 2 other language tests(Russian and German) on this site, and was disgusted by the pretentious academic bullshit that is forced on the poor Bulgarian youth living abroad. Is this done to punish them and their parents for daring to leave the motherland?
    I am 100 percent sure that the Bulgarian citizen students, are at a complete disadvantage compared to other bilingual students.
    And do not even get me started on other children who are simply interested to study Bulgarian? The authors presume there are not any such!!!
    These certainly aren’t tests aiming to test Bulgarian as a second language but rather as a ‘super first language’. The authors should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Tatyana Adanova

    I am agreeing with the first shared opinion for the Bulgarian Leaving Cert test. This is not the requirements for a test that should show your skills for a second language, but rather as a first one. I also can not understand why the level of exam is so absurdly high?!

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