Leaving Cert Fees

The standard fee for a first time Leaving Cert student is €116. This payment can be made online through fees.examinations.ie in Spring each year. Full details of fees, exemptions and appeal costs can be seen below.

School Based CandidateFee
Leaving Cert€116
Leaving Cert Applied€116
Repeat Leaving Cert€301
Post Leaving Cert Course (1 or 2 subjects)€71
Post Leaving Cert Course (2+ subjects)€116
External Leaving Cert CandidatesFee
First time entry (3+ subjects)€116
First time entry (1 or 2 subjects)€71
Repeat entry (3+ subjects)€326
Repeat entry (2 subjects) €211
Repeat entry (1 subject) €116
Late application fees (between Feb & April) per subject€32 to €52


Anyone who holds a medical card or who are dependent on a parent/guardian who holds a medical card are exempt from fees. Candidates must provide proof of medical card details when making the application. External candidates who hold a medical card are exempt from the standard fee however they are not exempt from paying late fees.

Appeal Fees

Leaving Cert Appeals cost €40 per subject. If doing Leaving Cert Applied, appeals cost €15.50 per subject. These fees are refunded if your appeal in a given subject is successful and your result is upgraded.