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  1. Jacqueline Butler-Roodhorst

    My daughter Astrid (15) would like to do her Leaving Cert in Dutch.
    At the moment she attends 3e year Highschool.
    What is required for leaving Cert, eg. what books does she have to read, poetry as well? What kind of papers does she have to write (letters, essays…)
    Can I get some exam papers from the past years to see what the quiestions are like?
    We are studying Dutch at home for a number of years now and Dutch is spoken at home as well.

  2. The languages of the EU states can be taken as a Junior and Leaving Cert exam, but they are non-curricular subjects. This means that there is no syllabus and nothing to learn off before the examination.

    The papers are designed for native speakers only – if you are not from the country of the language, you cannot take the exam. The reason they are on offer is to rebalance the disadvantage faced by non-native English speakers who are in school in Ireland, who have to do the same English exam as those who have been learning English since birth, and who usually don’t have the option of taking Irish.

    The papers consist of three parts, comprehension and two essays (the same format for all languages). They are 2 hours long. It is possible to take the exam for the LC if you haven’t done it at JC, but like I said, you MUST be a native speaker of that language.
    sample papers on http://www.examinations.ie
    Forms and regulations on the website of the Dept of Ed & Science

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