Repeating The Leaving Cert

If you didn’t get the results you wanted, fear not… it may be disappointing now but try to see it as a diversion to your destination as opposed to a dead end. What happens with diversions? You re-route… and quite often you get to take the scenic route which ends up being more fun than the mainstream route. Before taking the decision to repeat you’ll probably want to consider these options first:

  • Apply for a re-check of your results
  • Accept an alternative CAO course offered
  • look at vacant CAO places

If you’re determined to repeat, you DO NOT need to sit he same subjects again. In fact you can take up entirely new subjects if you wish… or you can repeat just one subject. You need to think carefully about what subjects you want to repeat and what subjects you feel you can realistically do better in next time around.

Most schools will facilitate you if you want to repeat. Students that repeat the year in a recognised school are known as internal candidates. Students who attend a grinds school or study at home are known as external candidates. It’s important to get the wheels in motion as early as possible if you want to repeat, both with schools and the state examinations commission. Closing date for external candidates to apply for leaving cert exams is usually early February.

As of 2014, internal candidates must pay a fee of €301 to repeat the leaving cert. External candidates pay on a per subject basis as follows: 1 subject = €116, 2 subjects = €211, 3+ subjects = €326. If you parents / guardian hold a medical card, the fees are waived.

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