Maths revision resources for leaving cert


New mathematics revision product for leaving certificate higher and ordinary level. Visit

Last thing you want is your confidence knocked by a bad result in the mocks, and your teacher asking you to drop down to pass.

If students are in trouble for the mock exams, these comprehensive-study-notes will help them understand the entire syllabus in 30 hours. Developed through feedback from over two hundred students in grinds, it’s a commercial resource but discounts are available. Viewable on smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and can be printed out on A4 paper. Check out the website to purchase online, and give yourself the advantage over the others.

DCG youtube tutorials


Anyone interested DCG Youtube Tutorials I found some teacher called The DCGist on Youtube who is putting up videos about the parts of the DCG Student Assignment. He hasn’t much up yet but it looks like it could be really useful!

Leaving cert notes?


Leaving Cert H1 Notes?

can anyone suggest some good H1 l.c. notes that I can use to study next year. i’m in a bit of a fix! I don’t mind paying some money for notes to learn off, once they’re CHEAPER THAN GRINDS. thanks.

Rotten leaving cert papers


The leaving cert is a joke economics geography and biology papers were rotten this year

Leaving cert points – fairness?!?


If anyone can explain to me how decreasing the number of grade bands and making the results less precise is going to lead to greater fairness, I am all ears. What if person A gets 89% in 6 subjects and another person B gets 90% in 6, they are off each other in total by only 6% but there is a difference in points of 72 points (528 vs. 600). A DIFFERENCE OF 6% SHOULD NOT EQUATE TO 72 POINTS! Similarly, person A will get the same points as a student who gets 6 80%, that’s a difference of 54% for the same points. Why wont they just give us our percentage? WHY?! I cant understand why and its making me feel like an idiot……