So nervous

i have not done the leaving cert yet (i will next year) but i am soo nervous, even though i’m not doing my lc until 2021. what’s annoying is that i’ve picked subjects for my lc course which i’ve found difficult before, but i picked them because they will help me in my future career (i want to become a lawyer and chose biology, chemistry and business (i know chemistry and biology have nothing to do with law but i wanted to be a doctor when i picked these and perhaps maybe i will pursue something in medicine)) but i have took the initiative to study now and i will be so happy next year. honestly lc is so difficult and i know it’s soo stereotypical being like OOH LC IS SO DIFFICULT I LOSE SLEEP OVER IT but to be honest when you stay on top of it it will be a lot lot better and that’s what i’m trying to do right now to turn my complaining into achieving because all my life i’ve had dreams and sometimes i did nothing about them and sometimes i did everything i could and i legit got results i was so proud of and this is no different. i see people or idols who achieve what they desire and it inspires me as well. i need like 550 points for law in ucd and i know it’s a bit extreme going to ucd with 550 points and trying to get 550 points in lc from subjects u don’t even do well in like (well i do great in biology and business not so much chemistry) but still it’ll be like a stupid joke where thelc is just stupid hard and they phrase the questions like nothing we’ve ever seen before. obviously going through last year’s exams or whatever is a huge help and you got to admire your teacher who try to help you no matter what because they want you to succeed and even the fact that u took up their subject makes them happy because it makes them think you are for real in their subject. i’ve had my own issues in the past where studying was kinda like will ya go away but tbh i think recently i’ve found out that my scapegoat is studying because it can be SO fun. like write out your own notes in your own way and draw art with your own notes. you also learn by writing your notes like. i have my own hobbies as well but tbh i’ve started to leave them on hold as i study because honestly i spend all day studying that i don’t even do homework and do it before class or something. so honestly if youu’re feeling useless like and feel as if you’ll never amount to anything cuz u can’t study take me for example who never studied like EVER until like a few mins before the test or something (i mean i still got ok results, like a c or b) but to a person wh owants to get b’s and a’s and wants to getlike 550 points in the leaving cert even though they subjects are super hard. sure i know like complain all you want OMG CHEMISTRY IS SOO HARD or like I’LL NEVER DO WELL I’M GONNA FAIL THIS EXAM yeah keep that mentality because then you will because it’s what you believe for yourself. if you had faith in yourself and truly believed your knowledge will amount to something good you will genuinel believe you will pass with flying colors

but tbh i think i am pretty good in english and irish and german maybe but it’s a lot of work and that’s the whole nature of learning. if you continue learning then your knowledge will pay out. sure i know look it i’m just saying and it’s soo cliche and it’s as cliche as being like OMG LOVE YOUR BODY YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! XOXOXO or being like EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE ONLINE I CARE ABOUT YOU DON’T BE SAD <333 like ok thanks for wsaying that cuz now that u just said that i feel the oppossite way. like no. wtf anyways it’s like that meme when it’s like “where are you” and the guy’s like “at the bus stop” and the girl is like well hurr ujp and th guy is like ok i’ll just wait faster LIKE IT JUST DOESN’T WORK it’s IMPOSSIBLE to just live by someone else’s words becuz at the end of the day u will just have ur shadow self shine up and u will go back to ur self again. so tbf like if you really want it you will think of what it takes to get it. ewww omg this turned into a weird motivational talk but tbh this only motivates me because i see all these judge judies or judge faiths and it INSPIRES ME SOO MUCH because bro they WORKED to get their and tbh what i learned in life is that u get NOWHERE without WORKING because it gives yo a real sense of SUCCESS and it gives u the feeling of what success is like. but ugh it’s just annoying because i elegit never had a panic attack or heavily panicked or any of dat and the other day i was like so worried out of nowhere it was so stupid and i was like wtf cut it out like it’s not until 2021 ur grand like will ya sit downlike and do ur notes noob

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