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Ok I’m back and my study day was about as productive as walking backwards up a mountain…Don’t know where that anology came from but there you have it. I’m now listening to Evanescence a band which got me through both my maths and Tech. Graph study for the junior cert. Unfortunately I’ve adopted a ‘no music while studying policy’ as it’s pointless because I’m doing 7 killer subjects that kind of demand brain power and not the repitition which music can help with.

YouTube is Evil! Yes I know it’s an insentient website but it’s so addictive!! Went on it this morning because my subconcious was looking for an escape and I knew deep down I wouldn’t be coming off it again. 2 and a half hours later I guilted myself into opening my physics book and decided at the rate I’d messed up the whole timetable thing the last two days, it just wasn’t going to work so I decided to just concentrate on physics today and finish the chapters which are coming up on my xmas exams next week. Good news is I finished them. Bad news is that it took my distracted brain 5 hours!! (Give or take)

I’m going to try and replicate that 5 hours but a little more productively by finishing my killer Chemistry course. I haven’t mentioned this before but I hate chemistry!! I took it because it was my favourite section in the Junior cert and my Year head offered to go out on a limb to get me into the class( I’ll explain in another post, basically it was because I don’t do Irish) I disregarded how mind numbingly boring it was in T.Y as just a bad selection of classes and topics, exasperated by the fact that I missed most of the taster classes due to being at the BT Young Scientist (Go me!! My team got Highly Commended if you’re curious :)) I might actually do a post on that in the future. It may be relevent as I know people who have done the competition in 5th and 6th year (not that I’d recommend it). But I took it, and I’ve regretted it since. I’m pretty lucky with my grades, I work hard and it pays off, but for this subject it just wasn’t working. The money situation added to the fact that I learn in my own hap hazard fashion meant that I didn’t go for grinds. So what I did around xmas in 5th year was quit complaining with the rest of the class (none of us get the subject) and just got stuck into fixing the problem. I took 1-2 chapters every weekend (on top of the rest of my study) and kept trying to improve. Thankfully it paid off in the summer exams but this year he’s given us a test each week from chapter one up to what we have studied so far and my results have been like a rollercoaster ride up, down and all around. I just hope I can pull it off when it counts in June.

I’m just so ready for this year to be over so I can go to london, get my results, start college and start having a life again. If I ever did…

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