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Need to reform schools and the leaving cert


Guys Honesty this has been the worst year of my life. All I have done is eat and Cry. This is an absolute joke. I have to question weather I ever be mentally sane /happy again? We also need to sort out the board of managements letting absolute Manics of teachers in to schools. Have them can’t teach and half of them are insane!!!!!!!But once an inspectors comes in its a different story. You wouldn’t believe some of the psychos of teachers in our school, its an absolute outrage, all down to board of management letting them in. Verbally attacking students with negative comments, and many wonder why young peoples mental health and self esteem is so bad!???????!. WE ARE IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY WHY IS THIS TREATMENT STILL OCCURRING???? Students should be coming home Happy they have enough to deal with!!!!!!!!!!! NEED to reform our schools and the leaving cert.


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