Exam Papers

New exam papers section

Check out the leaving cert exam papers section for the exam papers for every subject in the leaving certificate. This will hopefully make it a lot easier to grab any exam papers and marking schemes without having to go looking for each subject and year. Any feedback, please let us know by commenting below. We’ll also be posting the 2011 leaving certificate timetable as soon as it becomes ava... Read More »

BREAKING: new revolutionary exam procedures

Thanks to that one supervisor who handed out the wrong papers to students last year, (costing almost €2m and forcing 60,000 students to reschedule their plans) we now have a whole new set of exam procedures brought in specifically because of this supervisor. source; evening herald… Front Side Up For the first time ever, you, my friends, have the privilege of receiving exam papers front si... Read More »

You’re Not Lazy – Just Incredibly Motivated To Do Nothing

So you have little to no motivation…what do you do? Well you are never going to get any motivation. That is a fact that cannot be argued. photo credit: SuperFantastic Motivation will not fall from the sky and hit you in the head. Its not that some people have it and some don’t, I’m pretty sure anyone could be motivated if you pulled a gun on them and held it at their head, people wi... Read More »

Next Section Launched – Links to past exam papers

We’ve just launched a new Exam Papers section here at TheLeavingCert.com. Students can now access past exam papers for all of the main leaving cert subject directly from this site (if we’re missing anything, let us know). We’ve linked back to the exam papers from 2004 to 2008 for most subjects so there’s lots there to get stuck in to. photo credit: Spencer Finnley Hopefully... Read More »