3 days off? Think again!

Last week, Minister for Education Batt O’Keeffe ordered a blanket closure of all primary and secondary schools on health and safety grounds. The forecast at the time was for heavy snow on Sunday night and that this would make school impossible for the first three days of the week.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Dublin we had a shower of rain but not a flake of snow. I now look outside and see the snow melting! This begs the question whether there should have been a blanket closure in the first place, and whether this should now be lifted to allow schools to make their own decisions.

Fine Gael Spokesman on Education Brian Hayes said while many schools are still unable to reopen, it is clear this morning that in many parts of the country they can and should open from tomorrow morning.

It’s now likely that at some stage the Minister will lift the ban and allow schools to make their own decisions again. I know we’re all enjoying the snow but on a personal note I’d prefer to be back in school. The mocks are looming in the next month and all leaving cert students need their teachers back to help make the most of them!

Heavy snow fell in the south last night and this could close some schools for the rest of the week, however in Dublin we could be walking the corridors as early as tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “3 days off? Think again!”

  1. Here in Wexford we’re all in school again, so I believe that schools are able to make their own decisions again.

    1. Ah in fairness to Battsy, the weather forecast was not good. Not a flake of snow maybe around the 12th but I was in Dublin on Saturday 9th and in 20 minutes the ground was covered, a really bad day for snowfall. Have to say, it sucked missing the valuable time for mocks but it was the right thing to do. At least he didn’t stick his head in the sand.

  2. Hey people. To be honest I think the minister did a good job on ordering the schools to be closed until thursday. For once the government actually made a decisive decision about education. People in this country just complain so much. If schools were allowed open monday I guarantee you everybody would be calling for them to be closed – parents and students.

    And people also seem to make a huge deal about Dublin. There was an absolute blanket of snow covering the south from Sunday on, but of course the big thing was the thaw in Dublin

    I was just back to school today myself, but like, relax people. Ye might as well enjoy the extra days of rest. You could always have done a good bit of study anyway. I bet over the next few months at some stage we will all be wishing for another day off.. xD

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