An “A” Day

Okay. All is not lost. I just had the kind of day which gives me a little hope, makes me think that maybe I am not utterly screwed for June and may as well start berry-picking for that jam making course.. So that’s a very good thing. When I handed up essays and tests and see that my results are actually nice, but what’s more is that I didn’t freak out but simply give it a shot and didn’t shy away from the task at hand. Getting three random (but hopefully deserves) “A” grades in one day is nice.

I am also one step closer to finally deciding what I want to do in university. Since change of mind opened I’ve slowly been getting my head round the fact that I actually, for once and for all, have to make my mind up. It’s a scary scary process. Come June 1st it’ll be the point of no return and I feel this is, quite frankly, bollox. But maybe that’s just me, a simple idealistic girl who feels that mandatory interview processes would be the a saving glory for many students. Imagine, LEEWAY.. That beautiful, yet according to the CAO absolutely non-sensical, theory which allows you to have a bad day! I mean, saying that the points system is fair to everyone is a complete load of tosh. I mean, some people can afford grinds, private education and all those lovely little revision books.. And some people can’t. So what do we do to those that can’t? We further stigmatize them by condemning them to a lower points course… Rant rant mumble mumble, in essence, where’s the equality?

Okay, calm Marie. Maybe I should retreat to a nice cup of herbal tea, lemon too please. Nom noms.

Oh yah, has anyone else taken up a little thing I like to call The Leaving Cert Diet. It basically consists of feeling guilty if you take mental study breaks so instead you tell yourself that you need to stop studying for a eating break.. And by the end of the day, you’re sitting holding those biscuits and tea and telling yourself that you need the energy… No-one else? Just me? Right so.. Oh well.

On a slightly amusing note, seeing as I only have a good five “real” days left of school, I have started wearing my original school skirt. I’m talking proper original now too, since day one first year. It has been somewhat retired for the past year and a half but now it’s back and ready for learning. Simply symbolic but it made me think, six years actually isn’t that long a time. Six years is the time it took us all to grow up though. And to form lasting memories, friendships, understanding of the Maclaurin Series.. Whatever you call it, it feels like I’ve been in my school forever and I really can’t imagine being anywhere else.. But having said that, bring it on.

Hope everyone out there feels good, ready and happy. Yerrah, it’ll be grand.

4 thoughts on “An “A” Day”

  1. It will be grand! I’m wearing my original school skirt too, have been for six years now. That’s WEIRD. Moving on…I too am on the LC diet of tea and biscuits. It’s the way to go, there are only two food groups: tea and biscuits! 😀

  2. My Leaving Cert diet consists of any little roundy coloured sweets- Skittles, M&Ms, Jelly Tots. And they have to be eaten in a certain colour order, naturally (Am I the only one who does this?!). I don’t drink tea though… I’m starting to wish I did… These tea breaks sound nice.

  3. [Starbursts go Orange (the second best), Purple (the second worst), Green (the worst), Red (the best) for me. It’s like a little rollercoaster ride.]

    I know exactly what you mean, Marie.
    *5 minutes of study*
    “Right, better eat something. Don’t want to starve”
    *hour of eating and watching Tv*
    *5 minutes of study*
    “Bah, can’t concentrate. Need caffeine. And a snack.”
    *5 minutes of study*

    And by the end of the day I’ve done like half a chapter. Blergh.

  4. leaving cert diet –
    get up: eat hearty breakfast.
    first class in school: realise that i am ravenous, devour a snack (meant for breaktime) in between classes.
    breaktime: oh no! snack is gone! scavenge food off friends, or hit the vending machines.
    lunch: yum, lunch was nice. better get a bag of crisps though, in case hunger hits after school.
    after school: damn it! money and food all gone!
    after grinds: FEED ME! GIVE ME TEA!

    im usually not that person who grazes constantly, but these past few weeks, in between study, im always starving! its the weirdest thing ever, i just hopes it stops in the summer!

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