Apparently the pre’s start on Thursday

The midterm break has come to an end and apparently the pre’s start on Thursday. While sitting in a cafe yesterday my friends and I debated what day our pres were starting. One of them figured it was Tuesday or Wednesday and I was almost sure it was Thursday. So we settled on Thursday. My friend then turned to me and said I think i forgot my bag in school actually..“, and before I could say anything he said,I’m actually raging! I think there was a fiver in the front of it“- Which cracked us all up.

Today I sit here in the comfort of home dossing working on my LCVP modules and Construction Studies folder. I figured it was important enough to require a day off school, don’t you? Keeping in mind that both of these projects were to have been completed before the midterm break for evaluation and marking for our pres. Due to unforeseen circumstances, naturally enough, I was unable to hand them up.

However, after a week of immense study, or should I say – lack thereof, I am facing the pre-leaving cert exams someday this coming week (by now word on the street is Thursday) and I am in no way prepared whatsoever. It will more than likely result in a complete disaster, like the US invading Iraq to borrow their oil rebuild their infrastructure. Such genuine people. Another friend of mine came up with an excellent suggestion the other day, “let’s see how well we can get on without studying” and he was right. I mean, we wouldn’t want to do too good in the Pres, that might make us think too highly of ourselves and result in a lower result in the actual leaving cert. And then there’s that issue, what’s it called.. oh yeah, stress. We wouldn’t want to suffer from such a horrible disease. I have a hunch it will spread like wildfire in the coming months.

Now if you don’t mind, I have some ‘Study’ to do. :-]


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