Back and (not) ready for action

This time yesterday I was in Stockholm.. Now I’m sitting at home after a day at school, a day spent realizing how completely screwed I am for June but also how even the last ten days wouldn’t have helped. My options for tonight are sleep, eat or study. But I’m on facebook. Reliving the past ten days like a mad woman. And it’s quite enjoyable.

I have noticed a slight change in the air, so to speak, at school. Homework is being given by the crate load, without consideration for our own personal well being or anything like that. Also it seems to me that people are somewhat more focused. At that I am very glad.

Okay, slight change in the format of todays post, short and not even hard hitting. Unfortunately the only thing that’s hard hitting these days is my head with my desk. This is a short catch up and I don’t even have the energy to proof read it very well, my bad. I will post again in the next day or two, right now I’m recovered for surviving on about three hours sleep a night for ten nights, whoo!


ps, welcome Emerald! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back and (not) ready for action”

  1. Don’t be scared. Meh, I think we’re all happy with how we did. See we had that same attitude! Such cool kids. A reminder of what we were like last year:

    CAN YOU believe its just over four weeks left…? I can! It’s brilliance at its best. Amazingness. A reason to live even. Okay, so a little over the top . . . but can you tell I’m excited?

    On submitting her portfolio: I may have done ridiculously badly, and could fall into a massive hole of depression right before my Leaving Cert.
    But at that stage I doubt I’ll care. There’s always the option of a PLC course – or selling my photos in galleries. There’s always more than one option, but that’s what parents and teachers don’t want to make clear to you because “The Leaving Cert is the way to go!” Freedom, here I come . . . !

    Amy Flynn from

    I have been a bit weirded out this week with the concept of an impending Leaving Cert. In a mere four weeks, I will walk out the school doors for the very last time. I have been waiting for this day since I entered that spine-chilling portal of primary school as a junior infant. But have I? When we walk out that door, a thousand memories will depart us forever. School life as we know it will be over.

    Colin Lowry from

    I SAT THERE day after day wondering when it would hit me. Hit me? Yes, that burst of motivation that hits most students around this time of year all over the nation. I feel like I’ve missed that train, and was left behind. Me and a handful of other students in the same position as myself. Surely I want to do well to get into college. And I do, I really do. But I have not an ounce of motivation inside me, to sit in a class and be told what to do.

    Kevin Holler from

  2. Woot! A shout out to me!
    I vote eat on the sleep/eat/study triangle.

    I’m going to be gigantic by the end of the LC.
    Too many microwave hotdogs with differing ketchup…

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