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Hi, 6th year student here. Economics isn’t too bad, definitions and common sense questions take up alot of it. But it’s the macro-economics that are killing me. My teacher is brutal. He has this west cork accent that is impossible to understand and he’s not helping us at all, he gives no tips and any questions for him? “Shut up or get out of my class”. He flies through notes at 100 miles an hour, none of them are compact or easy to read, they’re waffle. I’ve seen other schools and their notes are so much clearer. But hey, were up to the 1983 economics paper.. maybe we’ll reach the 90’s before my pre’s?

Anyway, Macro Economics, the supply curves etc. how the hell did you learn them? Because they’re confusing the hell out of me.


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  1. Hi Conor, sorry to hear about your predicament. Do you have an economics textbook? Have you ever considered watching tutorials online or do you prefer to read material?

  2. Hi Conor,
    I am an economics teacher and would be happy to answer any questions you have if you want to contact me, I can email all my notes onto you also.

    1. Hi! I saw your post regarding economics notes. I have a terrible teacher who hasn’t given our class any notes! Could you please send your ones?

    2. Could you send them to me too please? I don’t have a economics teacher so any notes would be appreciated! Thanks

    3. Hi! I saw your post on economics notes. I’m self teaching myself since it’s not an option in my school. I would be really grateful if you can please send me your notes. Thanks.

    4. hi marielle,
      I also study economics and am finding it increasingly difficult at the moment.. if you could please also send the notes onto myself I would be very grateful.

    1. Hi, Marielle,
      I saw your post about the economics notes. Could you PLEASE forward me your notes?

  3. Laurence Murphy

    Hi Marielle,

    I hope you don’t mind me emailing you. I have been on the Internet for 2 days now looking for sites to help me with my economics. I have left messages with grinds teachers to ring me back but, I haven’t heard anything yet. My story is the very same as Conor’s and I have been trying to teach myself economics. I hope to find a grinds teacher soon but, when you live in the country it is not as easy as living in Dublin. I know you don’t need my concerns but, I was hoping if it wasn’t too much trouble for you could you send me your notes. I feel very embarrassed even asking you but, I really need all the help I can get. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and for helping leaving cert students who are very anxious about their exams. I am trying to do the higher paper as I am under pressure to get the points I need to do a course.

    Thank you again and if I don’t hear from you, don’t worry about it, I just took a chance emailing you.

    Lar Murphy

  4. hi Marielle i saw your post about economics notes. I took the subject up this year and am finding it difficult as my teachers notes aren’t very good and he doesn’t explain it very well either. Im embarrassed to ask for your notes but at this stage i could do with any help i could get.

  5. Hi mariele, i have just come across this thread. My son wants to take up economics in 6th year. Is that possible. What help can he have?
    Thank you

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