Making a mockery of it!

Have the mocks been of any use? Valuable learning experience or unavoidable thorn in the side?

Time is ticking towards the big event. The leaving cert timetable for 2010 is scheduled to kick off on the 9th of June and you’ll be needing every spare second of study time if you want to secure the grades.

La Moquerie...
photo credit: Audesou

Do you feel like the mocks have left you feeling down in the dumps with just how far away you are from actually passing these exams in June or do you now feel more confident in passing your leaving cert exams? The mocks will work in different ways for every one. Just remember if they do go really bad don’t despair, there’s still loads of time and most people will tell you that the mocks (or pre exams) are normally set harder than the real thing.

If the mocks are indeed set harder and you’ve done really bad you have time (and effort) on your side so use it wisely. Put the hours in! On the other hand if you’ve done really well, don’t rest on your laurels, keep working in that subject/s and you’ll have no problem keeping or improving on those good grades.

They might be mocks but don’t make a mockery of them. Use the feedback constructively and focus on the positives. You can be one of the 50,000 people who will successfully secure a college place in 2010.

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