Ordinary Level Maths Paper One: More Meh

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My homies Rich, Walcott and Bishop. They kicked me out.

Ordinary level maths paper one served only to further my belief that the lead-up to the leaving cert is much more intense than the actual exams themselves. I’m not saying it’s not stressful, as I know that some people are under a lot of pressure, but in my experience the pres/mocks were much more melodramatic than today’s events.

No one was hyperventilating at school this morning, there were no exclamations of joy or groans of dismay following the paper, just a casual “ah sure that was grand, wasn’t it?” here and there. I’ve come to think that by the time the 17th rolls round I won’t have even realized that the leaving started, never mind the fact that it will be over by then. However do watch this space, as it would be most paradoxical if I ‘crashed and burned’ over the next week or so, or if I report back in August having gotten 5 CAO points.

I attempted the eight questions on the paper, but I know for a fact that at least one is complete garbage. I never did study ‘sequences and series’, it appealed to me even less than the other questions, so my attempt resulted in the aforementioned garbage.

Now it’s onwards and upwards for English 2 tomorrow morning, (I do love that phrase Jennie) and I can’t wait for it to be over simply so we can all stop talking about it. I think I’ll revise Bishop and Rich, and depend on my existing knowledge of Walcott as a ‘safety net’. At least one female poet has to come up…right? As for Macbeth I think the plan will be learn lots of quotes, and somehow manipulate them into each and any theme that’s asked. As for the comparative (hateful, useless mess of a question) I might flick through Jane Eyre…

What were everyone else’s experiences of maths this morning? And of course geography? Friends of mine who sat the honours maths paper seemed pretty happy, let’s hope for an equally fair paper in the morning.

76 thoughts on “Ordinary Level Maths Paper One: More Meh”

  1. Yeah, have to agree with you with the “Yeah, sure it was grand!”

    Second algebra question fucked me over tho, COULDN’T do that one at all!

  2. Wow Ger that was quick!

    Yeah part (b) especially confused me for ages. The first algebra question was pretty ‘nice’ though. Let’s hope the examiner people will be generous with the attempt marks 😀

  3. I thought pass maths was almost an insult to my intelligence, which is a good thing really!! I did all the past exams in the last few weeks, and todays must of been the easiest one like EVER! Roll on english paper 2!

  4. I’m a bad one for missing little things like minuses and stuff, but ultimately I came out with a good-looking answer for almost every bit.
    If Paper 2 follows suit I’ll probably have a B1 at the worst.

    As long as the examiner doesn’t dock me marks for this one part where I struggled for AGES trying all sorts of things, then finally figured it out, and couldn’t resist putting a little note next to it in the rough work part that said “hell to the yes!”

  5. Honours Maths….so much harder then both my pre’s:( Q.2 c(ii) hadn’t a bull’s notion and sequences and series part c was even worce…happy out with differentiation though…I thought that was quite manageable at least

  6. the artist formerly known as pjRIPwheel

    Remember Emerald man, they try to add on marks rather then take them away. So even if your answer is wrong they might still give you full marks for loads of effort

  7. I wrote a little note on the back of my Irish paper II mock:

    “Is FUKN FUATH liom páipéar a dó. Tá nimh san fheoil agam de”

    And my examiner wrote back with “Dude, chill! Beidh lá eile ar an bpaorach!”

  8. The honours paper was grand really. Easiest integration question ever!

    But Q.2(c)… I mean REALLY. That was positively abhorrent. I haven’t heard of anyone getting it right so far!!

    The Newton-Raphson question was really badly phrased but manageable. Anne and Barry are seriously cool guys tho! All me and my buds do to chill out is approximate the roots of cubic equations too!!!

  9. That doesn’t sound too nice Liz…however if no one got that question then it won’t affect your grade, they have to allot so many A’s B’s and C’s after all.

    Liam that cracked me up. Sound examiner.

    And Conor…o___O

  10. the artist formerly known as pjRIPwheel

    Hey about that whole getting 5 points thing, im sure you wont. You know the way most people try to up their mock results by 20 points or so, im trying to get about 350 more or so, and its going pretty fucking well so far!

  11. Wow, I really was quicker than I thought! I didn’t realise you had just posted it! Yay for first comments and all that jazz!


    They would want to be! Did anyone have trouble with question 6Ci?

    I could NOT fucking get that, I took up a pae trying to find a number that would let x=0

    I gave up and left early… =s

  12. Hahaha, ya i laughed when i saw it too. I would advise you to not bother studying her poetry, i would say she has about a 5 percent chance of appearing on tomorrows paper. Bitchop is almost a cert though, even though i have serious moral objections to answering a question on her. 🙂

  13. I didn’t do 6 (c)(i) Ger o.o I stayed til the end though, good thing too, saw some silly mistakes! I usually leave maths after an hour or so.

    Congrats on being just PJ, PJ. Really? I thought since Bishop was on the original we might see some Rich on the new paper…what are these moral objections?

  14. Bishop was on the first one because the group of people that made it decided that it would be appropriate that she was on it. The contingency paper was made at the same time by a separate group of people that were not allowed to make any contact with group 1 when doing so. So chances are they picked Bishop aswell because they didnt even know whether they were making the real paper or not and Rich came up last year, so they would hardly put her on again. Bishop is the sorriest excuse for a poet i have ever seen, all she does is bitch about her life, keeps telling us how tough it was (the fish, sestina, the prodigal) and when she isnt doing that she is pretending to be “DEEP” .

  15. Lol, I like Sestina, I can’t help but agree with you to an extent though. Maaaybe I just don’t get it, cause you need to “get” some types of poetry to appreciate it.

    Now Keats, he’s a poet I respect. Not that Bishop’s gonna cry herself to sleep cause I don’t dig her or anything. Oh wait, she’s dead. Oops.

    I’ll just hope for Walcott then. BAMF he is.

  16. Even though she isnt really, anyone can have these “moments of insight”, like this morning, i noticed the postman closed the gate after he dropped off our post, that must mean that “Somebody(postman Tom) loves us all”. WOW did you see what i just did there? I am so fucking “DEEP”. Sorry for the rant, but this is why i would never ever ever answer a question on Bitchop, unless i was giving reasons why i DISLIKED her poetry

  17. Haha, love the sudden hatred of Bishop here! Personnally, HATE the poetry, love writing about it! Found a new-found respect for Rich tho just today, I had forgotten how much I actually LIKED her poetry!

    Can I hear a HELL YEAH for Living in Sin?

  18. Wow, Tom the postman is a man to revere. For realz. We should all aspire to be more like him.

    I’ve never done a “why I dislike this poet” question cause I just know I’ll get all bitter and angry…

  19. HELL YEAH!

    I’m with you. I always liked Power but today I’ve come to love The Roofwalker too. Props to Adrienne.

  20. Ya Keats was a REAL poet, he rocks the fucking casbah, he does! And Walcott is decent too. I think at least one of those 2 guys will come up. Fingers crossed anyway!

  21. I’ve never done Power, but read it while doing copious amounts of study in fifth year..*cough*

    She is a bit of a ledge!

    Her and Bishop are going to be my friends for this new paper going on!

    i wuz ere luuuuvin liz n richie alz n 4eva 2k9.

  22. I like rich. It’s way easier to write 5 pages on her then it is on bishop who just goes on and on about the insides of fish. Keats is a real poet. Hope he comes up!

  23. Keats really rocks. To one who has been long in city pent, and On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer…RESPECT MANN.

    That 2k9 thing always cracks me up. Who thought it up?! Bishop # Rich 4 lyf…

    Yeah Rich’s cool. Appreciation for her is swelling rapidly.

  24. Never did those 2 keats poems, we did ode to a nightengale and Autumn, and the 2 shorties when i have fears and bright star. All very nice, pity the guy didnt become famous till well after he died, same with van Gogh

  25. Bright Star is a really nice poem!

    Hey, 2k9 is nothing, the new thing in our school? 2T9!

    Don’t ask me, cuz tbh, I haven’t a fucking CLUE!

  26. Yeah Bright Star is pretty! Pity Bishop didn’t get famous til years after she died.

    2T9….-groan- T for thousand maybe?

  27. Yeah, this is true.. (I didn’t realis she was dead…. My god, I am just going to fail at life.. )

    Haha, wow, so didn’t think of that! Good thinking there Grace!

  28. How about the Mac. Wonder what kinda q we will get on it. Im thinking appearance v reality or maybe even kingship , what are you guys focusing on???

  29. Ahhh Macbeth. I’m thinking Kingship too, can’t be sure though. Maybe light/dark imagery, or even Lady Macbeth herself. -Goes to search for good notes-

  30. just for fun ( but still kinda serious though) here are the odds on Macbeth

    appearance v reality 2-1
    Kingship 3-1
    light v dark imagery 7-2
    good v evil 4-1
    choose a dramatic scene 8-1

    Macbeth 4-1
    Lady Macbeth 3-1
    Banquo 2-1 ( yes AGAIN)
    Macduff 7-2

    So peeps, what do you think???

  31. Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth…

    Apparently this is like, the worst answered question on the paper… =s

    I dont know what to learn, me and my Key Notes book will be getting pretty close tonight tho! =p

    I think I’m just going to learn quotes and then make the rest of the stuff up on the day!

  32. Pass maths was beautiful!! Out by half ten! Hope paper 2 is the same. Now, that’d be class work!!

  33. Maths this morning was suspiciously easy, I’m afraid it’s going to be marked really hard…so I went out of my way to make my script as user friendly as possible! The only part that really threw me was part (C) of 6 but other than that good paper

  34. hey guyz dis forum is pretty gud rite !!!
    jus wanna ask does any 1 tink longley will cum up !!
    im bankin on him and bishop !!!!!!!!
    pass math woz savaGE – so happy
    geography – hard to say , fair paper – possible c 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!

  35. No Kendell let’s be positive! It was pretty cool 😀

    Thanks Jakey 😀 Apparently Longley will be…well who knows?! He’s due anyway. You’re sorted with him and Bishop.

  36. Hey jakey man. Fuck ya, youll be sorted with bishop and longley for sure. By the way pass maths was pretty awesome alright, lets all cross our fingers and hope paper 2 will be as easy.

  37. About English…he was saying the poetry is only 1/8 of the overall English mark, so don’t freak about it too much. Also it’s all about personal response so don’t try and make complicated things up…just say how the poetry honestly makes you feel. If Bishop’s fish fetish baffles you – then say so.

  38. would just like to point out that the ‘k’ stands for thousand.
    You know if something cost 2k??It means two thousand 🙂

  39. Great, Thanks for the fill in. 🙂 Ya i thought i heard that before somewhere but i never actually checked out the marks(so lazy). Think i better stay away from Bishop in case the examiners a fan, Bishop does like Fishsticks alright (a one for SP fans). Did he have any advice for Macbeth?

  40. Yup Emma! But haven’t you heard? 2T9 is all the rage these days…

    For Macbeth he basically said that it’s too hard to predict…very helpful, I know. Grr

  41. Oh well, thanks anyway Grace. I’ve really got to go crammin’ , i spend way too much time on this site! Later Dudess! 🙂

  42. keats not appearing wud be serious dents in my 550 aspirations,

    back up poets will have to be learnt at 5 in the morning 🙂 thats dedication to the cause

  43. Wow Franky fair fups to you! Good luck with that 🙂

    Yeah Ger we’re setting the standard around here, Leaving Cert 2T9!

  44. 5am study actually sounds good, I’m very alert in the mornings. However I can’t help but feel that I’d be shagged come 1 o clock, and unable to study for Irish…

  45. Really? Im just a bad sleeper anyway so i probely wont sleep till 4 no matter what i do, sooo il be a cramming!

  46. Ah dearest PJ, how I envy you…

    I’ll set the alarm for early in the morning. It’s anyone’s guess whether or not I pay any attention to the damn thing though

  47. Do what I do and set like 4 alarms on your phone.

    Then place your phone across the room, hidden in a shoe or something.

    Come morning time, loud alarm + WTF IS THAT + WHERE’S ME PHONE = awake

  48. Been there guys…wait for it…

    Once I had a fantastic idea. I set my alarm for really early in the morning, with a really loud song as the tone, and secreted my phone underneath my double bed. Genius, eh?

    Not really. This resulted in a startled me waking up at dawn wondering why the hell there was a bomb under my bed, realising what it was and almost pulling my back out trying to get the damn thing to shut up.

    Go ahead, laugh.

  49. Aoife, i think that too sometimes, but i realised that i was turning my alarm off while still asleep, change the alarm tune on your fone, that help sometimes.


  50. I think every1s gone, so see you all tomorrow guys, and many many good lucks on your exams. Might be back at like 3 , i think i have become addicted to this site! Oh well!

  51. Yeah, pick a random scary song as your tone…

    Or the “Pat the Baker” song, that’s mine.

    “What wakes up the morning, to a fresher kind of day?
    Who tells the sun to rise, now Pat is on his waaaay…”

    Makes getting up fun 🙂

  52. Yeah me too, Aoife^

    And that was so clever of me. PAT THE BAKER! Love it. Cutest ad EVER.

    Think I’m off to sleep now too…good luck everyone 🙂

  53. Am i like the only LC student that is still revising, im mean how much sleep do you people need? Dont you peeps realize that you get more learned in the couple of hours before an exam than in the couple of months before it? You people make me sick (or maybe that curry i ate was dodgy) Oh and by the way, Tony Lake is God!, and if you dont know who he is, you are going to fail english.

  54. I’m absolutely shit at Ordinary Level Maths! But even I found it easy and think I might of got somewhere around a C2 in it!

    One of my friends whose equally as shit as me dropped down to Foundation but there was no need, that Paper was an insult to everyone’s intelligence! But hey I’m not complaining!

  55. Oh and I’d also like to state in a purely superficial way that Adrienne Rich is one haggish looking chick!

  56. I doubt she’d like being called a chick either, let alone a haggish looking one.
    Yay maths…no wait

  57. how cool was ol maths paper 1 i loved it so much tank fuck 4 algebra..paper 2 meh was good 2. hopefully a2 b1 or b2 woahooooaaaaa legend head has conquered the matamaitic! high 5!

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