Missing three weeks of school is no compensation for going to school over Christmas.

Oh the absolute joy of receiving a text from your Maths teacher at ten past eight on a Tuesday evening to tell you that you’re going to spend three hours the next day correcting Circle, Vectors & Trigonometry exam questions. Then you check your Applied Maths teacher’s websites and -how exciting!- she’s going to have a three hour session on Linear Motion the same day! Whoever decided to hook teachers up with technology needs to be shot. I’ve been inundated with emails, texts, and online reminders from teachers, unless they already gave us extra homework “just in case” there was more snow. Well, there was a lot more snow.. Up to now, we’ve missed fourteen school days, our Christmas exams were all cancelled, and the annual Christmas quiz was called off. I am HEARTBROKEN! Our Christmas quiz basically involves the sixth years getting priority, everyone dressing up, teachers making absolute fools of themselves, and lots of prizes / sweets.. It’s priceless! Apparently we’ll get something to make up for it but really, it’s just not the same.. Boo-hoo. Other than that, the Trinity Open Day is hopefully going to be a good day out! Delirah that they decided to hold it again. This blog is completely boring & uninspired but I really just have nothing to write about – I haven’t been in school, I haven’t been doing much work, nothing has happened. I’m pretty sure no-one wants to hear me moan about the lack of study I’ve been doing, so I’m jut going to cut it off now! Until I have something worth talking about..

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