New direction for a new decade

2020 is almost upon us and what better time for large, sweeping changes to the site? Over the past few years the site has been neglected somewhat but we’ll be starting 2020 as we mean to go forward with lots of updates and a change of direction.

Exam papers & marking schemes are a popular section on the site, mainly because the official state-run site isn’t fit for purpose. It’s been that way for over a decade now and year after year students face the same struggles trying to download and access papers quickly and easily. We make it easier to find papers and our main problem is trying to keep everything up to date but we’ll do a much better job of it from now on. From January on, all papers will be up to date.

Another feature we feel will make life easier for students is a detailed FAQs section. We regularly get requests and messages from students and past students asking for specific requests such as wanting to get a copy of their results from x year. We’re not in any way connected to the state examinations commission so we can’t give people what they want. But what we can do is build an FAQs section and keep it up to date so that we can direct people to it in the future.

Lastly, there are plenty of leaving cert forums and discussion boards around but we’re going to launch our own and integrate it in to the site. It will be a slow burner but over time, it will act as a great knowledge base for future students and will also provide the class of 2020 with a platform to voice their questions, thoughts, concerns & experiences.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we’ll hopefully see you coming back to the site more often in 2020!

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