Strus Ollmhór

Hello again,

I must say this LC thing is starting to really get to me. A combination of sickness, lack of sleep, overdue homework and imminent exams has me under huge stress right now. Every weekend I tell myself that I’ll get things in order again, only to return the following Monday in the exact same state, no more work done. I wish I had the work ethic of some others I know!

On top of that, I’m actually finding a lot of subjects are getting very difficult right now. Our teachers going lightning quick at this stage doesn’t help me to understand them any better! My mind isn’t at rest knowing that I don’t understand something so getting this right is going to take extra energy which I simply don’t have. I need a break!

Slán, a chairde


3 thoughts on “Strus Ollmhór”

  1. I agree with you! its so difficult to get everything done and theres never enough time! I would be fairly well disciplined when it comes to homework but it is just impossible to get everything done!

    1. I had a good catch up weekend there, but still, it came at the expense of not going out at all on Sunday. These things I hate :P.

  2. I Agree Im So Behind Everyone Else And Have A Baby So Tings Are Getting On Top Of Me I Have My Pre-Mock Exams Tomorrow And Im Sick With The Nerves 🙁

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