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Firstly, I want to wish everyone here a happy new year and a happy new decade. For many of you, this is the year you sit your leaving cert. For me it’s not. I’m in 5th year 😛

So, don’t expect me to use the words stress or pressure in any of my posts 🙂

What I’ll be covering is the more political and current affairs side of education. If the government decides to introduce third level fees, If there’s a cut in education funding or if there’s to be a teacher’s strike I’ll be the first to let you know.

I run my own political blog at www.davidhiggins.net

*BIAS WARNING* I’m a member of Young Fine Geal and as a result I will be just a tad critical of the govenment. But, I’ll try to keep things balanced.

As you may have guessed I’m into politics and I’ll probably study it in college. Being in 5th year my mind is not made up but I’m looking at Economics and Politics in Trinity College.

I could go to another college in Dublin but the 15 bus goes straight from my doorstep to the gates of Trinity. Funny how you plan your future around a bus timetable!

Music is my other passion. I play the piano, the guitar and I sing. I’m in a rock band and numerous choirs. I’m even looking to start my own choir, similar to the new TV show Glee.

Check out my music http://www.youtube.com/davidhiggz

For the Leaving Cert I’m studying the core 3, Music, Physics, Economics and French. I got 8 A’s in the junior so I’ll be hopeing for the big 600 in June 2011.

Wish me luck!

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11 thoughts on “Taoiseach David Higgins”

  1. Hey,

    I’ll be more like a news reporter for this site.
    You won’t be hearing from me too often anyway.
    Only when there’s major developments in education news or anything from the government or the department of education.
    Being in 5th year I am studying the Leaving Cert course.

  2. Oh don’t be such a meanie, blank. Welcome aboard David! First an anonymous blogger, now a political correspondant…Kevin sure has a lot of tricks up his sleeve 🙂

  3. It doesn’t matter whether it’s FG or Labour covering the politics here, we’re both opposition!!

  4. and neither are viable alternatives. Someone who sees Enda Kenny as a credible taoiseach deserves death by firing squad (to help humanity by removing them from the gene pool).

  5. I think we can all agree that Enda would be a better Taoiseach than Brian Cowen. I wouldn’t wish death on to anyone who wants any of those two as Taoiseach. I think Enda would be a credible leader. He has a problem connecting with the people and I can see why people would be turned off by. The role of Taoiseach, however, is to lead the cabinet. He’s lead a strong front bench since 2002 and he got 20 seats for FG in 2007.

    You can’t judge a government simply by it’s leader. Look at its policy and its ministers. FG has plenty of good policies and potential ministers.

  6. “Look at its policy and its ministers. FG has plenty of good policies and potential ministers.”

    Yeah right David. Look throughout history. The only half useful FG member was WT Cosgrave during the foundation of the state. Since then FG has been the joke party with no one credible within it. Its policies dont make sense for example how is the scrapping of Irish post Junior Cert going to help thr language? The only FG member I would even acknowledge is Garret Fitzgerald. And only because he condemned FG himself and encouraged them to work with the government as regards the NAMA legislation.

    1. Personally, I don’t care what the history of FG is. I’m more interested in the party today.
      Enda Kenny said a few years back that he would remove Irish as a mandatory subject for Leaving Cert. No one says we should scrap teaching the language altogether. Just let people have the choice as to whether they study it at leaving cert.
      I think FG has some great TD’s and a great set of policies.

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